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Do you want to buy a bikini or shop for a swimsuit online? Be sure to go through the entire swimsuit secret blog to check out all of the latest swimwear fashions from the latest designer trends to the timeless classics that never go out of style.  You will learn what colors and styles are most flattering for different figure and body types.

Some of our favorite online swimwear stores for women are listed here.  Remember when it comes to buying a swimsuit, always select the one that looks fantastic on your figure.  Be sure to try on plenty of swimsuits and a variety of different colors and styles before purchasing making a purchase.

Swimsuits for Women

Swimsuit Secret strives to bring you some of the best bikini and swimsuit shopping ideas. Scroll down to view favorite links which will lead you to the best swimsuit stores online! Whether you are just shopping or seriously buying these swimwear boutiques are the best of the best that the web has to offer.  These stores in our listing have the up to the minute swimwear fashions and you’ll have a blast looking if nothing else.

Most popular swimsuit stores online

Beach Bunny Swimwear
Butterflies and Bikinis
Couture Candy
Doll Swimwear
Elite Fashion Swimwear
Molly Brown Swimwear
Plush Swimwear
South Beach Swimsuits
Ujena Swimwear
VENUS Swimwear
Victoria’s Secret Swimwear

Designer swimsuits

Elite Fashion Swimwear
Molly Brown Swimwear
Cacique Boutique Swimwear
Sun Bain
Vida Soleil

Figure flattering swimsuits

Cyber Swim Miraclesuit
Tropical Beach Fashion

Girly sweet swimsuits


Resort style swimsuits

New Swimwear Shop
The Orchid Boutique

Swimwear for all ages and sizes

Swimsuits Direct

A swimsuit secret

The biggest secret to buying a swimsuit is to try dozens of swimsuits on. This is tiring yet essential if you want to find the perfect fit. This is the only way to know what styles and swimwear brands really looks best on your particular figure. Another secret is to understand your best physical assets and play them up while minimizing figure flaws. Solid colors in vibrant hues tend to be the most slenderizing. Look for swimsuits that have accents and details that highlight your best body parts. Accentuate your positives and neutralize or play down your negatives. Don’t be scared to mix and match in order to get a top that fits well and a bottom that fits well when buying a bikini. Lastly, cover-ups are essential and can be used to effectively conceal problem areas of the body.

Feature your swimsuit store or designer swimsuits on Swimsuit Secret

Swimsuit Secret strives to provide links to the best bikini stores online.  We love Victoria’s Secret but there are plenty of other online swimwear stores and boutiques that we love as well.  This swimsuit buyers resource and blog is brought to you by beauty blogger Patty Pasadena.  If you are a swimsuit retailer,  swimsuit designer,  or have an online bikini store or boutique, and want us to feature your bikinis designs or swimwear store here on Swimsuit Secret please contact us by emailing  Swimsuit secret strives to support your store and will lead readers to you.

Our swimsuit blog enjoys considerable visitors who are shopping for swimsuit ideas and looking for a good fit. We hand select swimsuits daily that address particular problem areas that women face when it comes to wearing swimwear.  We can feature your bikinis or swimsuits in our blog and list you in our Buy a Bikini resource giving you a free link back to your online store! Our Buy a Bikini page leads readers to some of my all time top online bikini stores that I’ve encountered on the web. We have timeless swimwear styles as well as more current swimwear lines and have established authority since 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and beyond on Swimsuit Secret.

Swimwear blog

For more links to swimwear stores and online shopping visit my other swimsuit site called Swim Swimwear. Swim swimwear also features a swimwear blog and has a complete directory of swimwear shopping online.

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