This swimsuit is beautiful and quite feminine.  It is no surprise it was featured for purchase on the online store Sale Bridal Dress.  The feminine color and ruffle detail make this bikini a beautiful choice for wearing on your honeymoon.

Enhance your chest with this bikini top

There are several flattering aspects to this particular swimsuit.  Firs of all, the interesting ruffle top definitely makes her chest look bigger while still offering her plenty of coverage. Notice how the halter straps give her the support she needs for this tube top style bikini top.

Accentuate and embrace your pale skin and curvy body

The bottoms on this bikini are equally flattering.  In a neutral pinkish coral color, this really looks good with her light fair skin tone. The ruffles on the side look amazing and further accentuate her pretty hourglass figure.  The pale pink bottoms are pretty and coordinate well with the stripes on the top.

Demure hourglass figure

There are two things to notice about this pretty model.  First, she has an incredible hourglass shaped figure.  If you have a figure that includes wider hips and tiny waist you can really make yourself look hot by wearing a feminine swimsuit such as this one.  Also, her pale skin adds to her feminine beauty, showing that you do not need to fry your skin to look incredible in a bathing suit.  If you have pale skin, then natural shades like this toned down pink can look really good on you.

This is really a flattering swimsuit that looks great against pales skin and accentuates a womanly body.  Perfectly demure!  Check out Sale Bridal Dress and look at the swimwear section for more honeymoon swimsuit ideas.

Sale Bridal Dress



Leave it to famed swimsuit designer Maaji to come up with the most unusual frilly and girly bikinis you will ever see. This Coral Waves two piece swimsuit from Maaji gives you a great idea as to why this designer is so well-known.  Look at the absolute detail and unique aspects of this bikinis top.  

This particular Maaji is whimsical for sure but nevertheless so sweet as can be.  A dreamy girl who loves feminine clothing will adore this swimsuit like no tomorrow. This designer really takes their swimsuits to the edge and the photography of their collections always takes you to a fantasy location and setting that is truly inspiring.


If you don’t want this much frill never fear because Maaji has it all.  They have sleeker designs with a tad less fuss no doubt, but that are no less beautiful.  I personally love this swimsuit because it is so different and so sweet looking.  You could wear this adorable top to a fair or renaissance inspired event or even at a pool party and look amazing.  This is a girly girl top that will make people literally stare at you.  I can see this swimsuit worn by a true Southern Belle for sure.  So adorable and sweet. you can buy Maaji swimsuits at most of the designer swimsuit sites, you try the stores Vida Soleil and Sun Bain as both feature popular designer swimsuit.  Gotta love this coral waves two piece swimsuit from Maaji!

Maaji 2014



Take a look at this bikini from EMANNUELA swimwear collection.  This designer from Greece will definitely make you look fabulous. I found this swimsuit featured on ST-9 Stores Facebook page. 

Emannuala swimwear collection

There are a wide range of styles and colours to choose from at this swimsuit store out of Athens, Greece.  This just goes to show you that when you need a swimsuit for your vacation and aren’t able to find one in town locally, get one when you get over there onto your vacation.  Not only will you be more relaxed about your figure flaws when you shop, you’ll be in the vacation and relaxation frame of mind.  You may also find some styles that you don’t normally see at the local Target or department stores.  A change of scenery may be just what the swimsuit doctor ordered.

If you are going on a tropical vacation, try to bring at least one swimsuit along just so you have something when you arrive.  Remember that on your vacation there will be plenty of shopping opportunity.  If you don’t have a second swimsuit never fear because you will find one when you get there.  Especially if you are going to a resort or beach destination you can be sure there will be plenty of tourist shops with cool merchandise you may not be able to find state side.  ST-9 stores in Athens Greece give you some great choice swimsuit styles like this one they carry from designer EMANNUELA.

What I like about this swimsuit is that the bandeau top gives a little more coverage than the usual bandeau top.  Plus the bikini bottom with the ruffles and adorable side ties looks more interesting than the plain jane bikini bottoms you so often see in the states.  I love this frilly vacation look.  She looks feminine and just beautiful in this adorable print swimsuit.  From ST-9 Stores.

ST-9 Stores

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