swimsuit-bottoms I found this adorable swimsuit listed on the web site DHgate, which is a fast trading place for cute apparel and accessories. It was advertised as Newest Green/White Summer Sexy Women Bikini Swimwear Fringe Tassel Dolly Bandeau Top and Bottom Girl Lady Swimsuit Bathing Suit. Would you believe the price for this resale was less than twenty dollars? Now, that is a good deal! I’ve seen this same swimsuit style available from L*Space swimwear in a variety of color variations and styles. I just love L*Space. If you find an L*Space swimsuit on sale and it looks good on your figure then you should definitely because they are such a popular brand that the prices stay stable. It’s hard to find L*Space on sale. They do have sales, I recently bought an L*Space bikini bottom at Val Surf for less than 20 dollars but notice that was for just one piece.

Best bikini bottoms ever! L*Space style

Here is why L*Space is so great. These designers find ways to make swimsuits look flattering without having to wear itty bitty styles. What I love here 10 times more than the top is these scoop bottoms! Look at these bottoms. These are bottoms that do give you way more coverage than a string tie bikini bottom. In the right size these bottoms are going to fit well, look great and give coverage to a variety of figure types. They you’ve got the kicker with is those cute cutouts in the bottoms. Notice it is not too much skin but just enough peekaboo to give a sexy string bikini look. I love these peek-a-boo bottoms. You should check out L*Space for a variety of swimsuit bottoms with these adorable cutouts at the hips. This style has been copied by so many swimsuit designers as will. It’s a style available in many brands now because it’s cute and the bottoms flatter while giving enough coverage to women. I’ve bought these exact bottoms in black with the cutouts and they were from Pac Sun under the Pac Sun brand name.

Cut out bikini scoop bottoms



This Pure Romance One Piece is designed by SAHA Swimwear. I love this swimsuit designer because the styles are so sweet and feminine looking.  Saha’s combination of colors, prints, cuts and accessories, make the SAHA swimwear brand a modern yet elegant choice in which women can feel and appear comfortable.

Romantic cutout swimsuit style from Saha swimwear

Saha offers a broad range of reversible swimsuits.  Many of their designer swimsuits generate a number of combinations in the one single bikini offering a number of different ways to tie and wear the swimsuit. In addition to their unique options and high-end designer brand image, SAHA Swimwear’s competitive advantage lies in the quality, comfort, design and exclusiveness of their designer swimsuits.  The original cutout styles that Saha creates gives an ordinary swimsuit a unique twist that makes it extraordinary. 

This particular swimsuit can give an athletic or more stocky woman a new girly and feminine look.  The softness of the color, style and fabric can add femininity to a particular girl and that always creates attraction in men.  This swimsuit is demure, sweet, feminine, and frilly. This style will create a softer look yet at the same time the adorable cutout makes the swimsuit visually alluring. The combination of soft fabric, with skin baring cutouts, makes this swimsuit the perfect yin and yang style. It’s a soft yet sexy contrast that makes you look twice.

The Saha Pure romance one piece swimsuit shown in this photograph features an asymmetrical one piece suit style, a small ruffle frill detail on the top edge, adorable cut out tie detail on the one side, and a soft floral pattern.  The models romantic inspired wavy hair goes perfectly with this swimsuit style.  Her soft, natural makeup is made a bit more dramatic with the jet black eyeliner, once again giving that yin (soft makeup) and yang (dramatic eyes) contrast.  I found this swimsuit for sale on Zakoda designer swimwear shop.  The swimsuit brand is Saha and the style is appropriately called Pure Romance.

Saha swimwear



I came across this Insight swimsuit on Asos, an online store and fashion web site.  This Insight pucker one piece scoop back swimsuit has a laid-back aesthetic and a bold use of natural color.  Made by designer Insight, this swimsuit has textured seersucker fabric for a throw back to the old days feel.  The low cut front, cut-out back and multi-strap design with detachable detail make this suit so naturally appealing!  The bikini bottom portion is a Brazilian cut with medium coverage.

Insight seeks inspiration from the beaches of Sydney.  Their clothing, beachwear, and swimsuits have a relaxed, alluring kickback beach look to them.  Insight collections feature relaxed styles, experimental cuts, asymmetric bandeau bikinis, and vibrant colours with clashing prints.  This swimsuit gives the same feeling as their collection of slouchy jersey crop tops and beach style dresses.  It uniquely combines a traditional fabric with a sexy cut-out detailing.

The pale color orange swimsuit color makes her body look slender

One of the most flattering aspects of this swimsuit is that it takes advantage of the look where the bathing suit matches closely to the skin tone.  The subtle color of the swimsuit blends in nicely with the girls skin color.  What this does is give her a flawless, blended look.  Because of this, her face and hair stand out more.  Especially her dark hair pops against the fair skin and fair colored swimsuit.  Because her hair is at the top, you can see that it has a slenderizing effect on the lower body.  You have the hair as the focal point, and then all the rest of her just blends in and looks incredible.

You don’t need a string bikini to take advantage of cool strings and straps

Little stringy straps really make a swimsuit look sensational as you can see here.  Her interesting strap detail makes this swimsuit look so special.  Notice that you can be wearing a one piece swimsuit and still give off that sexy strap look.  It doesn’t have to be a micro string bikini.  Even with one piece swimsuits, little details such as sexy straps can make an ordinary suit look over the top sexy.   

Notice that the straps on this swimsuit leave off the body a bit and that makes her back and the curve of her lower back look sexy and curved.  Her lower back is flattered by this style.  The all natural skin tone that blends into the swimsuit, contrasting against her dark hair makes this look score a perfect 10!

Insight swimsuit

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