The classic swimsuit coverup, believe it or not, is a button down man’s shirt! You can find these in the men’s department at the local department store. Look for a color that matches your swimsuit in a cool and inspiring way.

Depending on how much coverage you need for your figure, that will determine the size. You can get a men’s shirt that has quite a bit of length in the back to easily hide some jiggle and marshmallow of the figure. This is a smart way to go because it conceals flaws while at the same time making you look like total girlfriend material!

Looks that men love

There’s been many a survey done about favorite things that men love and adore to see women wearing. Guess what, a man’s shirt is high up on the list! This is a great look, classic, and you can get the look anywhere. Just wash the shirt to soften it up, and roll up or cuff the sleeves. You can wear open and down, or even tie a know at the front if you like that.

Marie Claire and Elle summer days inspiration

These photos came from shoots for Elle magazine and Marie Claire featuring Tori Praver. What a great job the photographers did showing some super girl friend inspired looks that men adore. Need to hide the figure? Instead of a moo-moo or kaftan, try your guy’s closet!

Classic beach coverup



I absolutely love this picture from Elle.  So gorgeous!  The dazzling zebra bikini in a bright neon green makes it different, along with the high-waisted retro-inspired bikini bottom.  This bikini bottom looks awesome paired with a crop sweater to match the green.  Her jewelry is fun.  Of course this look is a little high fashion for the beach but it really inspires and the pieces shown actually are wearable.  Love the black contrasting with the neon green.

Vintage inspired beach look by Elle

Her makeup and hair are excellent.  She has natural makeup yet not that her lips are stained red, her brows penciled in, and she has plenty of mascara and eye liner.  It is contrasted with a perfect summer glow and quintessential messy beach hair.  To get this hair make sure to wash the day before and sleep up in a soft tousled bun.  The next day shake loose and work a dab of texturizer balm in to hair shake and go.  A few strategic caramel highlights makes the messy hair really pop and gives it a golden glimmer. What a wonderful photograph from Elle. 

Model (Doutzen Kroes) is in a cashmere sweater and super chic bikini from Michael Kors. The accessories in this excellent bikini pix from Elle are a choker from Yves Saint Laurent, a toggle bracelet from Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co., a link bracelet from Seaman Schepps, a vintage pendant necklaces (one as bracelet) from House of Lavande, Palm Beach, and vintage earrings, bracelets from Vineyard Vintage.

Michael Kors bikini



Are you into your forties and wondering whether to try wearing a bikini still?  Even if you have a fabulous figure, wearing a little bikini can be entirely unnerving when you are into your forties.  An older woman just doesn’t have the same skin elastisity as her younger counterpart.  Somehow, an older woman in a bikini can give an illusion of exposing a little bit too much skin.

Beach coverup

This former supermodel Stephanie Seymour shows a great choice for covering some her body while still wearing a two piece in her forties.  She chooses a simple crochet, lightweight scarf and ties it around her with a cute knot at top center.  It is adorable, cute, and most importantly covers up her body from too much exposure.  You can see that she can play along the beach with her kids and feel comfortable and adequately covered.   She is certainly a beautiful lady with a great sense of style.

I love this coverup idea.  Only a supermodel would come up with this, but you can see it just works.  Next time you are wearing that bikini, cover up a bit with a lightweight crochet or lace scarf.  Choose a neutral color and tie at the center.  The toned down color of this scarf makes the perfect accessory for her navy blue swimsuit as it does not overwhelm the swimsuit.  With a neutral toned scarf coverup like this you will have a great effortless look that is fresh, clean and just pretty.  Even though she is wearing a one piece she has the same level of coverage as a two piece by adding the lace scarf.  Nice sunglasses too.

Supermodel beach outfit

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