This sexy mix and match swimsuit by swimsuit designer Paradizia is such a stunner! Crochet bathing suits are notoriously flimsy yet very much back in style for 2012 going forward. This mix and match number is a way you can do crochet. Crochet bottoms are the hardest to wear because they tend to make you look heavy. Unless you are very slender they just don’t look flattering. If you just get the crochet top, you can get a bikini bottom with more coverage.

You would not think you could match a tropical print bikini bottom with a crochet top but this photograph shows you that yes you certainly can. The bright tropical bottoms paired with the beige crochet top is the perfect off-beat mix and match combination that makes her look incredibly sexy. There is a great idea, pair a color bikini bottom that looks good on your figure with a crochet inspired top.  Everything about Paradizia is amazing from the swimsuit designs to the photographic presentations.  So Hot!


If you need a natural looking swimsuit for that outdoor all day concert or rock festival such as, consider earthy crochet as crochet swim suits are back in style with a vengeance. They never really go out of style, but are definitely in for 2012.  This swimsuit would be perfect for something like Coachella valley music and arts annual festival in Palm Springs, CA.  A scarf, sheer t-shirt cover-up or daisy duke style jean shorts over this crochet swim suit would fit in perfectly.  It gets so hot that the young adults wear bikini tops with barely there cover-ups to hang out in.   With a long crochet vest or casual skirt she’d fit right in.

The only problem with most crochet swimwear is the flimsiness. You have to be extremely slender and well built with a perky bust. Essentially there is no kind of support with crochet suits. That’s why this Lucky Brand crochet bikini is a big winner. It’s one of the few I’ve seen that has decent structure and support. A more athletic framed woman can wear this. It’s sturdy, it has coverage, it has support and strong ties, and it’s still crochet!  Love the side ties and tassels.  It’s so Lucky Brand! I stumbled on this wonderful bikini on thisnext, it’s from Lord & Taylor by Lucky Brand. The style fits this cute girl perfectly. Sweet!


Ann Taylor Loft has partnered with Ann Cole, a very famous swimsuit designer, to debut a women’s swimwear collection. The swim suits are chic and figure flattering for women, with plenty of coverage.  These swimsuit styles are California inspired yet not too skimpy as to be unwearable if you have problematic areas to minimize.

This ruched one piece swimsuit by Anne Cole for Ann Taylor is one of my favorites. It’s sexy, yet has full coverage. This suit is perfect for a woman that has a belly or love handles that make her feel self conscious. The feminine ruching at the side seams and bra cup will detract from flab as it gives a naturally casual, loose styled look to the suit.  This is a style that will conceal some extra meat on your bones. The soft looking bust with the ruching and V-neck coordinates the style and makes the tummy slenderizing style appear pleasing.

I like the way they paired this one piece bathing suit with a textured necklace, to also draw focus away from figure flaws. Younger women that feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit will often avoid 100% ever being in a situation where they need to wear one.   Young adults with real figures feel that skimpy two pieces are unwearable for them and the one pieces are too elderly looking and frumpy.   This fresh color of soft purple and the figure flaw hiding style makes a suit wearable for such a young woman.

The only problem is getting her to try this swimsuits on if she is modest. Are you a woman who totally dreads swimsuits? What you don’t realize that you can find one that looks flattering but might have to really focus on fit and styling for your figure type. You have to be willing to shop extensively for the right bathing suit. The stores at the mall all have relatively small selections in swimear, so make sure to look at styles online and methodically canvas an entire mall when looking for the right suit.  Beach towns often have specialty swimsuit stores that offer more styles, although they are often the skimpier two piece ones.    Department stores have miracle styles for plus sized women but small selections so don’t expect to find the right suit at the very first place you go to.

You might have to look around for a swimsuit but the effort is worth it because as a woman you always want to have at least one swimsuit in your wardrobe.  A nice fitting swimsuit will last you a few years and there really are times where you need one.  Therefore, it is worth the time and misery you’ll have to invest shopping for one that looks good on you!

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