I recently visited the brand new Bloomingdales store in Glendale California, and it reminded me that I forgot all about Bloomingdales lately! Wow their merchandise was to die for and what a beautifully designed store and a pleasure to browse in. Prices are high but my experienced shopper friends say that if you watch for the sales you can get bargains here just like you do at Macy’s.

One brand that sells at Bloomingdales is DKNY. And DKNY has some figure flattering swimsuits for women that are just so chic and gorgeous! Their styles are a bit more sophisticated than what you see for the younger women, but they pack all the up to date fashion in them. Also, they are not quite as skimpy and provide the mature woman with better coverage.

DKNY One piece

Older women are loath to wear the two piece bikinis and cringe even at the prospect of a one piece at the beach, especially after 50! Well cringe no more because DKNY at Bloomingdales has some figure flattering styles that will turn back the aging clock a decade. Look at this playful and fun white urban animal draped maillot one piece swimsuit as an example. Wow!

This swimsuit is a stunner. Now first of all notice something whip snap smart about the back of this swimsuit. This is a one piece, but in order not to make it look to boxy, there is a small cutout in the back that leaves the back strap looking like a two piece. It leaves some skin showing that makes it look contemporary and hot! The clean ivory color with the animal print them is playful and fun, but it’s not sleazy looking like the traditional looking leopard print. So cute and chic. Check out Bloomingdales online for more DKNY styles. Clean, modern, and fun!

DKNY Bloomingdales

The front is just as adorable, looks like a bandeau style top but has halter straps for support which can be removed for sexy sunning. There is a reason that the DKNY brand has stood the test of time and been around in high fashion for decades. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Check out your local Bloomingdales sales or go online.



This Victoria’s Secret wireless push-up halter tankini top with scoop bottom has to be the best looking tankini I have ever seen.  If you love a lift and are craving a top that accentuates your cleavage then get the perfect level of push-up you could imagine with this VS tankini. 

Leopard print tankini

This top has removable padding for an extra oomph if you need it.  The bra of the tankini comes in the same cup-specific sizes as the Victora Secret bras for extra support and shaping.  You can also pick the top and bottom sizes separately to make the perfect bikini combination.  What is fabulous about this tankini is that it looks hot but really has good body coverage.  You can have a more rounded athletic or curvy body and look perfect in this tankini without feeling too body exposed.  It is a very fashionable way to wear an animal print because the bikini has moderate coverage.

This fabulous tankini has removable push-up padding, it provides cleavage enhancement without the usual wire, it ties at the neck, has a high back, and even comes in two sizes regular and long which fits a longer torso.  The material is imported Italian nylon/Lycra spandex.  What is so alluring about this particular swimsuit is that it has the va-voom animal print but eliminates the skimpy element.  The result is a racy yet seemingly demure combination which adds up to gorgeous.  From, of course one of our favorite stores, Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria Secret



It’s summer time and that means time to relax, chill out, forget about your worries, and put your toes in the sand.  We forget what summertime is all about by having so many stresses and obligations in life.  One of the most beautifying tricks you can pull out of your beauty book is to just take it easy.

Natural beauty starts with being happy

This beautiful photograph shows us that natural hair, bare feet, and an Oh whatever bikini that can be had at the local Target or local Hot Topic store just works.  What a great picture of natural beauty.  Why?  Because of her smile.  There she is with a basic, almost tacky swimsuit, no makeup, and hair that she just woke up with.  And she looks incredible!  It’s her casual I don’t care attitude, her natural beauty and most of all her big smile.

Take this fabulous photograph as inspiration to get happy this summer at the beach.  If you are happy, then you are going to look amazing this summer and it won’t matter what your swimsuit looks like.  It’s about having fun, going back to your childhood, and letting all the stresses and worries go.  Remember ladies, toes in the sand!

Summer time fashion

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