I came across this Insight swimsuit on Asos, an online store and fashion web site.  This Insight pucker one piece scoop back swimsuit has a laid-back aesthetic and a bold use of natural color.  Made by designer Insight, this swimsuit has textured seersucker fabric for a throw back to the old days feel.  The low cut front, cut-out back and multi-strap design with detachable detail make this suit so naturally appealing!  The bikini bottom portion is a Brazilian cut with medium coverage.

Insight seeks inspiration from the beaches of Sydney.  Their clothing, beachwear, and swimsuits have a relaxed, alluring kickback beach look to them.  Insight collections feature relaxed styles, experimental cuts, asymmetric bandeau bikinis, and vibrant colours with clashing prints.  This swimsuit gives the same feeling as their collection of slouchy jersey crop tops and beach style dresses.  It uniquely combines a traditional fabric with a sexy cut-out detailing.

The pale color orange swimsuit color makes her body look slender

One of the most flattering aspects of this swimsuit is that it takes advantage of the look where the bathing suit matches closely to the skin tone.  The subtle color of the swimsuit blends in nicely with the girls skin color.  What this does is give her a flawless, blended look.  Because of this, her face and hair stand out more.  Especially her dark hair pops against the fair skin and fair colored swimsuit.  Because her hair is at the top, you can see that it has a slenderizing effect on the lower body.  You have the hair as the focal point, and then all the rest of her just blends in and looks incredible.

You don’t need a string bikini to take advantage of cool strings and straps

Little stringy straps really make a swimsuit look sensational as you can see here.  Her interesting strap detail makes this swimsuit look so special.  Notice that you can be wearing a one piece swimsuit and still give off that sexy strap look.  It doesn’t have to be a micro string bikini.  Even with one piece swimsuits, little details such as sexy straps can make an ordinary suit look over the top sexy.   

Notice that the straps on this swimsuit leave off the body a bit and that makes her back and the curve of her lower back look sexy and curved.  Her lower back is flattered by this style.  The all natural skin tone that blends into the swimsuit, contrasting against her dark hair makes this look score a perfect 10!

Insight swimsuit


This Scrunch Up swimsuit right a scrunch bottom and single rise triangle top looks hot on this tanned pretty island girl. It’s just natural and fun, and the neon orange makes her tan standout. The scrunch-up bottoms let you adjust how much coverage you get in the back, so you could turn this into a full coverage bottom or an itsy bitsy bottom with the pull of a string.

Neon swimsuits flatter a fake tan

Orange colored swimsuits are tough to look good in. They tend to clash on the skin. For a tanned girl, a neon orange swimsuit can look flattering as it does show off the tan. Hopefully its a fake tan and not a sun induced tan which can damage the skin and promote skin cancer. For paler skin, do the opposite of neon and choose a paler shade of orange color or a coral color. Neon colors look great against a sexy spray tan.

Cute swimsuit fashion from Doll Swimwear online

This bikini is available from Doll Swimwear online swimsuit store. I like the bottom because it has the bows hanging down the sides which can flatter hips. I also like the scrunch which gives a shapely effect to a girls rear, as well as the eye fetching bow in the center of the bottom. The best part is that you can adjust the scrunch and coverage to fit your unique curves. The scrunch butt style is a hit with doll swimwear. The top has lining with optional padding and the bottom is lined at the crotch. Cute.

The adjustable coverage Scrunch-Up bikini makes your butt look awesome

This particular Scrunch Up bottom bikini is very popular and a best seller. It comes in every color including red, white, black, neon pink, turquoise, solid brown, baby pink, coral orange, solid purple, neon orange, neon green, solid fuchsia, yellow, emerald green, and solid aqua. The neon green and solid aqua also look absolutely great with a nice faux tan.

When they offer it in all sizes and colors, you know it’s a best seller and a nice fit

One thing is for sure, if a swimsuit is offered in every single color imaginable like this one is, you know its a flattering fit on women. This Scrunch-Up bikini is nice! It flatters the bottom, has adjustable coverage on the bottom, makes your butt look great, is inexpensive and comes in every single color. I like.

Scrunch-Up bikini bottoms


If you are looking to find the swimsuit styles for 2013 look no further than this designer.  This simple Karla Colletto designer one piece swimsuit  is absolutely adorable.  It’s a winner for figure flattering!  Usually one piece swimsuits drag down the body.  They make it obvious that you are trying to hide you figure and they can look heavy and drab on a woman.

This one piece?  As light as can be!  It is pricey with a price point of over 300 bucks however the style is phenominal.   This swimsuit is going to give a woman all the coverage she needs while hiding some very common flaws.  For one thing, the deeper neckline plays up the decollete in just the right way.  This works for either a small chested or large chested woman.  The straps on this swimsuit are very sturdy but they don’t look bulky.  The bottom gives plenty of coverage as well.

The biggest feature of this swimsuit is the bow ties in the front.  Not only is this cute but it hides a chubby belly or loose belly skin.  Do you still have that muffin top from your freshman year of dorm food or after having given birth to your first child?  This swimsuit will tuck all of that away while still giving you a trendy look with a punch of fun color.  The orange is youthful and the one color is also slenderizing.

This suit is perfect for hiding a chubby belly or loose belly skin.  It’s a winner for resort 2013.  It has the intricate gathered fabric at the midriff to look like bows, the v-neck, a built in under-wire and a higher back.  I found this fabulous swimsuit for sale at the bikini store called Tahiti Street.  So cute!  It’s a USA made swimsuit made from Italian microfiber material that is sturdy and supportive.  It comes in black, blossom, cherry, military, mineral blue and sea green.  So perfect for a woman who needs to slenderize and support her body while still looking in style and fashionable.

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