This Scrunch Up swimsuit right a scrunch bottom and single rise triangle top looks hot on this tanned pretty island girl. It’s just natural and fun, and the neon orange makes her tan standout. The scrunch-up bottoms let you adjust how much coverage you get in the back, so you could turn this into a full coverage bottom or an itsy bitsy bottom with the pull of a string.

Neon swimsuits flatter a fake tan

Orange colored swimsuits are tough to look good in. They tend to clash on the skin. For a tanned girl, a neon orange swimsuit can look flattering as it does show off the tan. Hopefully its a fake tan and not a sun induced tan which can damage the skin and promote skin cancer. For paler skin, do the opposite of neon and choose a paler shade of orange color or a coral color. Neon colors look great against a sexy spray tan.

Cute swimsuit fashion from Doll Swimwear online

This bikini is available from Doll Swimwear online swimsuit store. I like the bottom because it has the bows hanging down the sides which can flatter hips. I also like the scrunch which gives a shapely effect to a girls rear, as well as the eye fetching bow in the center of the bottom. The best part is that you can adjust the scrunch and coverage to fit your unique curves. The scrunch butt style is a hit with doll swimwear. The top has lining with optional padding and the bottom is lined at the crotch. Cute.

The adjustable coverage Scrunch-Up bikini makes your butt look awesome

This particular Scrunch Up bottom bikini is very popular and a best seller. It comes in every color including red, white, black, neon pink, turquoise, solid brown, baby pink, coral orange, solid purple, neon orange, neon green, solid fuchsia, yellow, emerald green, and solid aqua. The neon green and solid aqua also look absolutely great with a nice faux tan.

When they offer it in all sizes and colors, you know it’s a best seller and a nice fit

One thing is for sure, if a swimsuit is offered in every single color imaginable like this one is, you know its a flattering fit on women. This Scrunch-Up bikini is nice! It flatters the bottom, has adjustable coverage on the bottom, makes your butt look great, is inexpensive and comes in every single color. I like.

Scrunch-Up bikini bottoms

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