I ran across this swimsuit on a cute blog called Shop Girl Daily. Gabi, from the plus size fashion blog called Gabi Fresh, designed a collection of plus-size swimsuits for the online store Swimsuits For All, and her collection is definitely cute for the plus size, voluptuous girl. I particularly like this swimsuit which is called the Galaxy High Waist Bikini, it costs $68.

Bikini for voluptuous figure

This is such a fun style with the sexy cutouts at the bikini top! High waist swimsuits tend to look quite frumpy so when you come across a cute one, it definitely stands out. The girl who can pull off a high waist swimsuit is one who has a voluptuous body, but not extremely overweight. If your figure is similar to this adorable model, it’s what I am talking about. This fits great on a girl who has a great body with curves. In fact, it can make you body look even more sumptuous. If you have a great body but not necessarily a slender body, this swimsuit style could work well for you.

Be sure to check out the GabiFresh and Shop Girl Daily for their features on swimsuits. This swimsuit was on sale at Swimsuits for All, you can check out their website for this swimsuit, or similar styles. This girl has a sassy sense of style and she pulls off this swimsuit look beautifully.

Galaxy high waist bikini



Hanging out at the beach isn’t just for women that are a perfect size 6. That’s where online store Swimsuits for All comes in and they completely get this. For a fuller figure women who has some fantastic curves to show off, This cute black swim dress with clear white piping accomplishes this perfectly. Thee models clean and simple look complement this swimsuit perfectly.

Swimsuits for all

Swimsuits for All is a truly inspiring one-stop shopping store for plus size women. You can find everything from tankini and skirtini swimsuits to athletic women’s swimwear. They always carry a large assortment of real sizes for real women. They also have great beach fashion available in plus sizes. When you are finished at the beach, you can cover-up in a sexy sarong or beach dress.

This swimsuit will make you feel comfortable in water as well as when you order food and drinks at a beachfront café. Visit Swimsuits for All online for more plus size selections.

Plus size skirted swimsuits



I love this sexy plus size swimsuit from Swimsuits for All.  That site is great for plus size, it features suits size 8 and up.  While this swimsuit will not work well for a woman with love handles, it will work well for a woman who us just a little thick-bodied. 

Swimsuit for bigger arms, thicker body

If you are fairly well toned but thick, this swimsuit will turn you into a real stunner!  First of all the halter straps help slender bigger arms.  The black color of the swimsuit draws focus away from the arms and the cutout patterns really draws eyes away from the arms and to her fantastic buxom and voluptuous body instead.  Don’t forget that if you have big arms its likely you have plenty of other big things to show off, so don’t be afraid to do that!  Larger women that look hot go above and beyond and the really play up their voluptuous aspects.  This model is so beautiful and also so hot – great photo!

Next you have the sweetheart neckline which really works an ample bustline.  And finally those cutouts are hot and are going to give a woman with no waist to speak of new curves to show off!  The bottom line is demure and tones down a thicker thigh. 

Sexy plus size swimsuit

Overall this swimsuit is a total winner for a woman with a great body that’s just a bit larger than the usual size 6.  You can find more ideas for sexy plus size swimsuits on swimsuit site Swimsuits for All.

Swimsuits for all

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