Rock the Boat Monokini by Lady Lux Swimwear is the cutest monokini number in town! This smashing monokini features sliding triangle style cups and white and gold hardware rings above each cup. There are removable soft cups and ties at the neck and back.

Lady Lux swimwear

Lady Lux sits low on the hips with matching hardware rings at the hips and has shirring down the center back. Lady Lux is top quality when it comes to construction and materials. There are adjustable ties on each side and the swimsuit offers moderate backside coverage. It’s fully lined made from 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane.

Swimsuits for short legs

Did you know that certain types of monokinis are quite flattering for women who have short legs and/or petite figures? There are! Particularly for shorter legs, swimsuits that cut up high on the outer leg will do wonders. Think back to the high cut leg swimsuits that Christie Brinkley used to wear back in the day.

If your leg is short, the worst thing that you can do is wear a hipster swimsuit, a low-slung bottom, or a low waisted bottom. You want to create a longer illusion of the leg instead. Do this by wearing a swimsuit with a higher cut outer leg. Whether it be with a scoop bottom, tie side, or monokini, you definitely want to expose more outer leg and have the swimsuit sit much higher on your leg. This will create the look of more skin and the look of a longer, leaner leg.

As you can see with this particular swimsuit, if you have some skin up the leg and side of body showing, it creates a longer leg illusion. Another tip for short legs is to wear a wedge heel. Wedge heels are casual and beach appropriate, yet give a short-legged girl more height, which makes their legs look longer. Select a wedge shoe that is a natural tan color and blends with the leg. A monokini style bikini paired with wedge heels in a neutral color will visually add inches to short legs.

Kayokoko Swimwear

Made in USA, you can find this swimsuit at Kayokoko Swimwear and other top swimsuit boutiques online. I can’t say enough good thinks about Kayokoko. WOW they have the best monokini selection E V E R.

Lady Lux



This beach tunic is a popular coverup because it makes the body look slender, is beach appropriate, and can be worn to the beach, a swim party, or pool side.  The fabric is cool and light weight. 

I saw this cute tunic at Kayokoko Swimwear, it’s made by Beach Bunny Swimwear and available for sale at several of the finer swimsuit stores online.

A beach tunic will flatter your body

I love this tunic, it is beautiful and elegant and can be worn at the beach for a simply stunning look. All of the details including the cinched in waist line, and the sexy string ties that cross in the front, as well as the low-cut cleavage, well they all flatter the body.  At the same time, the tunic can hide a plethora of body flaws from flabby arms to a thick tummy to a jiggle bottom with a bit of jello that most of us all have.

A beach tunic will help you feel less body conscious and more comfortable

When you feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit it doesn’t mean that you can’t be seen dead at the beach or at a pool.  There are flirty and feminine cover ups such as this one that can really work to hide the body flaws and make you feel less self-conscious when walking around.  Everyone knows that self-conscious walk to the restroom or refreshment stand.  Here is where the tunic is your best friend in the world.

This Beach Bunny tunic takes its fashion inspiration from lingerie

This tunic as something refreshing going on because it take a lingerie inspired look and lets you wear it outside the bedroom!  It’s got that flirt appeal that lingerie has but it’s classy and fun and appropriate for the daylight hours.  Men will love the look of this coverup guaranteed.  Tunics are popular for a reason because they really do flatter the figure well. 

Those frumpy tunics and kaftan of yesteryear are a distant memory.  Brand designers have updated those and this Beach Bunny Swimwear garden tunic is the perfect example of the updated look of a tunic.  Love!

Beach Bunny swimwear garden tunic



I ran across this beautiful swimsuit cover up when browsing the online store Kayokoko Swimwear.  This skirt is a delightful and feminine swimsuit coverup. Perfect for the woman with large thighs, it can hide a pear-shaped bottom wonderfully.

Pear shaped bottom

A pear-shaped figure can be hard to fit for a swimsuit but there are plenty of ways to accentuate the positive on this type of figure.  Usually pear-shaped women are gorgeous up top but packing a little extra weight or flab down lower.  In comes the long skirt and wedge heels, which makes this figure type look instantly sumptuous and voluptuous rather than bottom heavy.

Try a long slit skirt as they look gorgeous on pear-shaped figure

The long skirt shown here is wonderful!  Its called the Arcadia long skirt and it’s from Ondademar Swimwear designer.  It’s part of their 2014 collection. What is fabulous is that the material conceals but at the same time there is a sexy slit and the fabric is lightweight, flowing and feminine.  This is the perfect figure flattering skirt for a woman who wants to hide big thighs or a jiggle booty. It also looks great on an older woman who may have a flatter bottom that has lost some of its volume.

Lengthen short legs with a neutral colored high heel wedge sandal

Another great figure flattering tip shown in this fantastic photograph for Ondademar is that you can accentual short legs or a pear shaped bottom by wearing a higher wedge heel.  Notice that the wedge heel is in a neutral color, which is key.  Rather than drawing attention, these blend in sandals add height and make her legs look miles long.  Awesome.

Great tips shown here by Ondademar.  Try a long slit skirt in a feminine flowing material to help flatter a pear shaped bottom, a flabby bottom, a flat rear, or short legs.  The feminine flow and long leg illusion is going to bring out the best for sure.  Lovely! Check out Koyoko Swimwear online.

Ondademar Swimwear

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