volcom-swimwear Volcom has really been putting their foot forward over the last few swimsuit seasons with brilliantly bold and pretty swimwear collections. These designs are not the classic string tie bikinis you would expect from a surf brand, which is exactly why they are so cool! If you want to stand out in the crowd as anything from art-deco to tribal-cool the cult classic surf brand Volcom is serving it up. This one piece bandeau wrap is from their Be Bold collection. With a neon loud splash of bright colors, this bright swimsuit has become an ultimate favorite. The patterns on the swimsuit, the fact that it is strapless, and the throw back to the Norma Kamali days of the wrap around monokinis are all daring. Wear sunscreen to avoid irritating tan lines with this hot number. Throw on jean denim shorts over this swimsuit and you’ll look like you are wearing an interesting wrap around top with cut outs.

Create a slender waist with curve appeal

If you are one of those girls who wants an hourglass silhouette this style will give a better illusion of hips on her, coupled with a tiny looking waistline. The Be Bold collection is the type of swimsuit you can really shine in. This particular style of wraparound really compliments pale skin and creates a small waist. Notice how the bandeau and then the cutouts accentuate the hour glass aspects of her figure. If your waist needs a little more definition, try one of these almost two pieces, as the material through the midriff creates a good hourglass figure illusion. This makes her waistline look curvy and sexy. If you want to be bold, beautiful, and surf inspired, check out Volcom swimwear. You can find their styles directly from Volcom or at many of the high end surf shops and boutiques. This one is bright, bold, and definitely inspiring. She’s ready Cabo Wabo!

Volcom swimwear



Juniors and young women can definitely ride the waves in these tiny nylon board shorts! Only Billabong comes up with ideas this surfer girl cute. You will receive a jolt of color and good coverage with these little shorts because they have an under layer of serape printed lycra.

Board shorts are in style for women

Granted these shorts are for the younger lady, however, I think they show some great figure flattering concepts. First of all, the black little short over the longer legging short is definitely slenderizing. You look like you are wearing hot pants with the black portion, but your leg is actually covered up with the spandex under layer.


Board shorts are definitely back in style, so if you find a classic pair of black board shorts to go with your bikini, definitely buy them. The greatest thing about board shorts is that they really are swimming suits. You can look totally normal splashing in to the water in these swim trunks without ever having to take them off. Billabong has brought the classic, hip and comfortable board short back into style this year.

Wave ride shorts

The good news, is that girls with some problem areas can get away with out ever wearing bikini bottoms, but still look totally normal. Plus size skirts, skorts, boy short tankinis, wraps, and other swimsuit styles tend to “give away” the fact that you are trying to hide something about your figure. But just a basic bikini and a board short over it looks totally and completely normal and natural, while still working wonders for your figure by wriggling you out of having to actually wear the bikini bottom.

If you are shy about exposing your buttock, belly, hips or thighs a classic surfer style board short worn over your bikini will definitely hide these areas. Because a board short is actually a fast-drying swimsuit, you never have to take it off and can swim, etc, but look perfectly normal and as though you are not trying to hide anything. Classic board shorts are back in style big time, so try a pair as an alternative to a pareo, sarang, skirted swimsuit, or tankini short.

These wave ride shirts for girls retail for $50 and can be found at Billabong stores and numerous online stores retail them as well. I ran across them on Diane’s Beachwear online store.  So cute!

Classic board shorts



Aloha from LeTarte swimwear!  This Maui based swimsuit label was created by two hot sisters Letarte Cabrinha and Michele Letarte Ross.  They debuted their swimwear in 2000 and have been spinning out cool swimsuits, cover-ups, and sportswear ever since.  Now their swimsuits are featured in top fashion editorials like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Bohemian Maui swimsuits

This is the new Hawaiian look!  It’s authentic Hawaiian but gone is the tacky tourist element.  The swimsuit label has a casual bohemian island vibe.  Yes it’s for a kickback lifestyle in Maui yet these swimsuits can be worn anywhere in the world and look amazing.  Their website LeTarte Swimwear is a place to purchase the latest.  You’ll also find their swimsuits featured in many stores and blogs.  I ran across a cute spread on LeTarte from The Bikini Fashionista too. 

This brand is an up and comer, with signature prints, wild pattern combinations, intricate adornments and ties, matching cover ups and lavish detail.  On this particular swimsuit the seemingly mismatched top and bottom are tied together with the animal print halter string on top, making it all mesh in an unexpected eye-catching way.  Check the model she has the perfect surfer girl essence that is inspiring. Beach and wild sun-streaked hair along with a beautiful golden glow and natural makeup suits her perfectly. The fun chunky necklace is a nice touch that adds to her individual style. Really love what these girls have done with their swimsuit label!

LaTarte swimwear

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