I ran across this Speedo women’s Speedo Race Xtra Life Lycra Optik Spliced Powerback Swimsuit, in Black/Red for sale on Zimbio.  It only served to remind me how hot a classic Speedo swimsuit can look on a beautiful woman.  I particularly love, love, love this classic color trio.  Red and black on a swimsuit always looks hot and the white swooping pin stripe gives the color combination a nice pop.

Speedo swimsuits racing stripes style flatter the waist

Swimsuits that have a panel of swirling fabric or a pinstripe that darts in towards the waistline and then darts back out are great for slendering a woman and creating curves.  Notice how the red stripe down the sides curve in then out, giving the pretty model a classic curvy figure.  The white pinstripe also accentuates an hour-glass figure shape.  This is done, you can see, without any cutouts or skin exposed.  It is merely the striping at the waist that gives the illusion of a very curvy body.  Speedo really has this aspect of figure flattering nailed down and that is why their suits feature the classic racer strips.

Speedo’s swimsuit fabrics slender the figure

This particular swimsuit is 74% Nylon and 26% Xtra Life Lycra which gives it a snug, figure flattering fit that instantly drops ten pounds visually off your body not to mention it is streamlined for competition purposes.  The color is black and red and the brand is the classic Speedo of course.  Speedo never goes out of style.  This swimsuit is wonderful for working out or athletic situations where a swimsuit is needed.  When it comes to Speedo look for that classic colors such as black, red, and blue, and go for the racing stripe details that flatter the waistline and give the swimsuit a pop of color.



Remember the swimsuit that made Farrah Fawcett an icon?  It was designed by famed designer Norma Kamali.  Kamali is known for having invented styles that have literally created trends throughout the years.  Her influential swimwear designs included the two piece bikini with criss crossing connecting strings, and the classic red suit as seen here on Farrah.  For years celebs such as Beyonce have worn her creations.   Kamali’s newest swimsuit designs have a retro feel with ruching and the look of older era’s.

The television show Baywatch adopted the classic red one piece as the female lifeguard swimsuit.  Red is known to attract a man’s attention.  The classic one piece is sporty, won’t fall off and will turn definitely turn heads on the beach or at the hotel pool.


This variation on a one piece suit is sizzling!  The sleek black is made exciting with the red panels.  The white trimming adds contrast and accentuates the low plunging front of the suit.  She looks amazing.  With one piece like this you can throw out that bikini.  The angled lines of the red cut out makes her waist look slim.  Black at the bottom is slenderizing as well.  This Speedo style suit looks great!

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