You have to give Rihanna credit for being outrageously fashion forward.  She was spotted in celebrity photographs recently in this optical illusion mesh panel silver swimsuit.  No there is actually no skin showing where it looks like there is.  This is actually a pale beige skin toned fabric between the metallic silver.

Some women might hate this look yet others like the strategically placed silver metallic fabric.  After seeing this swimsuit in celebrity photographs I hunted it down to discover it was actually a $350 dollar Norma Kamali.  I am not sure if I like the swimsuit but if you have a killer body like RiRi you can go out there and pull off just about anything. 

While I am not sure about this more modern risky themed bathing suit, I truly loved some of the older classic Norma Kamali designs.  As you recall Kamali was the maker of the first wrap around bikini which had strings criss-crossing the body between the top and the bottom.  These fashion forward swimsuits could be seen on Tees beach (Santa Monica) back in the day.  They were a big hit.  What do you think of this silver mess panel one piece – would you dare to wear it?

Norma Kamali


Remember the swimsuit that made Farrah Fawcett an icon?  It was designed by famed designer Norma Kamali.  Kamali is known for having invented styles that have literally created trends throughout the years.  Her influential swimwear designs included the two piece bikini with criss crossing connecting strings, and the classic red suit as seen here on Farrah.  For years celebs such as Beyonce have worn her creations.   Kamali’s newest swimsuit designs have a retro feel with ruching and the look of older era’s.

The television show Baywatch adopted the classic red one piece as the female lifeguard swimsuit.  Red is known to attract a man’s attention.  The classic one piece is sporty, won’t fall off and will turn definitely turn heads on the beach or at the hotel pool.

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