I am not one for zany swimsuit patterns but as far as busy goes, this little tribal Azteca number is actually pretty cute. I’ve seen this Azteca swimsuit for sale on NastyGal which is a store that features trendy clothes and accessories for the younger woman.  You can pick up a few key fashion tips from this swimsuit which is that unique hardware detailing and little touches like the string across the top really amp up the wow factor on a swimsuit. Anything that makes a swimsuit look different will help you stand out in a crowd.

Cool details sets a swimsuit apart

What I do adore about the swimsuit shown here is the little cute rings on the top at the halter, and the little string that crosses the front of the monokini.  The yellow in the fabric pattern also gives a blast of strategic which creates a good waistline illusion and also makes the chest look busty.  Notice how the bright yellow narrows at the waist which gives her waist a smaller look effect, and it also goes at the very right sides of the top making her chest look great. If you were pair this swimsuit with a natural brown bag and toned down color clothes in easy browns, it could actually look quite cute.

Nasty Gal

NastyGal describes it as the coolest red swimsuit featuring a tear drop opening at front and a tribal inspired pattern in shades of black, yellow, and magenta. Gold hardware, tie closure at neck and back. Mega stretch fabric, fully lined. Small logo button at back. Looks rad with cat-eye liner and lucite bangles! By Red Carter. You can find seriously cute, fashion forward and rather racy swimsuits at NastyGal but you do need to be somewhat of a young hipster to pull off the racy looks.  It’s a cute store based out of Los Angeles that has gained popularity.

Azteca swimsuit



Toxic Sadie believes that every woman is unique and their string tie swimsuits show it.  Norma Kamali swimsuits of the eighties featured the classic bikini but with incredible strings that would cross over, connect the top and bottom, and create a unique decorative look to the bikini.  This style became a cult classic and Toxic Sadie designs have a similar string inspiration that is both new and reminiscent of yesteryear styles.

Stand out in a bikini with unique strings

The Norma Kamali style Sadie swimsuits let you embrace individuality, creativity, and beauty.  Toxic Sadie has one-of-a-kind string tie bikinis, boy shorts, and thongs. They also accessorize with wraps, skirts, and necklaces for a fun, flirty look.   The idea behind their Miami swimsuit designs is to customize your look with fabrics, beads, shells, sequins, straps, ties, twists, and bows.  If you want to stand out in a swimsuit be sure to look for that swimsuit that has unique details such as strings, cross ties, charms, or cutouts.  This will help you stand out in the crowd and look incredible.

Toxic Sadie collections are fun and versatile. You can wear them at the beach, on the stage, in the club or in the wherever you want to turn heads!   These swimsuits will help you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re a model, a dancer, or just want to feel like one.  Check out their website Toxic Sadie for Kamali inspired criss-cross string swimsuit designs.   Cherish your individuality, look good and feel amazing in a unique swimsuit that no-one else will have.

ToxicSadie swimwear, Miami Beach



One thing that sets a bikini apart from others is the details. Whether it is a buckle, hoop, ring, metal, fabric, accent or string ties, these little touches can make an ordinary bikini look extraordinary. Cut-outs and interesting string placements can add sex appeal to your swimsuit look.

I picked this top out as an example of an edgy little touch on a bikini. It’s at the top. Do you see how the extra strings in the triangle top add an edgy look to this zebra bikini? Nice details. Note that whether you are thin as a rail or a large plus size, these details can help add sex appeal. It’s about drawing attention to an asset. And, giving a little naughty gal allure to the overall look.

When shopping for swimsuits, don’t always go for the basics. Look for a little touch on the swimsuit that adds sexy appeal to it. This top makes a small chested woman look super sexy. Where you are small, try to show skin. It gives her more shape and a more curvaceous look. Note that any time you have a cutout you need to be extra careful to wear sunscreen. Sometimes skin is showing in a sensitive place. Wear strong sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent bizarre tan lines.

Mercedes-Benz fashion week swimwear

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