There are certain classic clothes that really never go out of style.  You know, like hanes classic bikini panties, white tank tops, and of course, the quintessentially classic white bikini.

Classic white bikini

Usually you see the string tie bikini as the ultimate classic, but this particular bikini as worn by celebrity Blake Lively has a slightly different look.  It’s a clean line look with no strings, no ties, no distractions.  Just a polished triangle top and a bikini bottom with narrow sides. Few women can wear a white bikini because for one thing, it reveals everything  and for another thing, if there is insufficient lining it is going to become quite see-through when wet.  Obviously is you have a rockin body you can pull off the look.  But there are a few fashion tips to be gleaned from this cool classic look.

For a classic swimsuit look, keep it simple and adornment free

If you are a women that believes in natural beauty, you should love the concept of keeping things very simple.  The idea is that you wear a clean and simple looking bikini or one piece in a solid color.  No frills, hardware, ties, or distractions.  Just a nice fit, no adornments.  This approach mutes the bikini and its all about the person wearing it.   Simple can be very sexy.

For a classic swimsuit look, opt for classic cut and pattern

Classic looks are what never goes out of style.  A man shirt, white underwear, a white tank top, a pair of jeans, the black dress.  Reach for the classics and you will automatically look sleek and sophisticated.  Trendy can look downright busy if you aren’t careful.  If you have a tendency to clash, mismatch or have ever been declared a fashion don’t by your friends or family, never fear.  Reach for clean, classic, simple looks and your style will be timeless.  With the classic, you just can’t go wrong.

For a classic swimsuit look, keep it one color

For a slenderizing look, a solid color swimsuit in a primary color works wonders.  That means white, black, grey, brown, beige, red, blue.  Solid vibrant colors really pop and create a great visual for a swimsuit wearer.  If you have a natural golden skin tone, try a color that creates a good contrast to your skin tone.  White on a golden tan is highly complimentary.  Black with paler skin can create a stunning effect.  The color red really pops.  Classic colors can seem boring when compared to prints, but they always look great on the body. 

For a classic streamlined look, choose a bikini or simple maillot bathing suit that has a simple style, a classic cut, in a solid color.  A classic white bikini is the perfect example of keeping it simple.  This look is simple yet so powerful.  It is the bikini’s enduring ability to deliver a big impact and strong social & fashion statement that makes it a design icon.  This look packs a lot of punch for such a small expanse of material.

White bikini



You have to give Rihanna credit for being outrageously fashion forward.  She was spotted in celebrity photographs recently in this optical illusion mesh panel silver swimsuit.  No there is actually no skin showing where it looks like there is.  This is actually a pale beige skin toned fabric between the metallic silver.

Some women might hate this look yet others like the strategically placed silver metallic fabric.  After seeing this swimsuit in celebrity photographs I hunted it down to discover it was actually a $350 dollar Norma Kamali.  I am not sure if I like the swimsuit but if you have a killer body like RiRi you can go out there and pull off just about anything. 

While I am not sure about this more modern risky themed bathing suit, I truly loved some of the older classic Norma Kamali designs.  As you recall Kamali was the maker of the first wrap around bikini which had strings criss-crossing the body between the top and the bottom.  These fashion forward swimsuits could be seen on Tees beach (Santa Monica) back in the day.  They were a big hit.  What do you think of this silver mess panel one piece – would you dare to wear it?

Norma Kamali



This fierce photograph of Solange Knowles shows that the individual stepping out and making a statement about her swimwear choices is … in! Her statement swimsuit is unique, eclectic and totally different than what you would typically see on a celebrity.

Swim suits that show your individuality are in style for summer 2013

This fashion statement is indicative of an overall trend in swimwear that is moving away from the barely there micro bikinis. Sarah Fones recently wrote about this in a New York Post article titled Buh-Bye Bikini. The point was, that the two piece bikini was not the only weapon in a fashionistas arsenal.

Celebrities like Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Rihanna, Solange and others are wearing more demure mallots on their vacations. In the article, a top designer Malia Mills credits this trend to the individual and sites such as Instagram and Pinterest that highlight unique and eclectic style choices. The thong is out, and individuality is in.

One piece swimsuit fashion trend 2013

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