Bathing suit shopping can be scary but if you keep looking for the right swimsuit you will eventually find the perfect fit and style.  Always show your fun personality and you will shine at the beach.  This adorable girl gives us a great example of tousled beach hair.  Love her sun-streaked wild hair.

Colorful animal prints and fun playful T-shirt

Wild hair can go great with abstract prints, colorful swimsuits, kitschy prints, bold colors and tribal looks.  Just be sure the swimsuit matches your personality to a T.  This girl looks happy, fun and playful which will attract the attention of any onlooker.  She looks like she is enjoying life and that is exactly what makes a girl at the beach stand out. The T-shirt coverup, fun bracelets and colored lipstick suits this look perfectly.

Note that her bathing suit is more of the fun playful sort than the designer shi-shi style.  That’s fine because it perfectly matches her bubbly exuberance.  Her wild fun hair is the perfect match for this look.  To get this look make sure to wash hair the day before you hit the beach and sleep on it.  When you wake up fluff hair without brushing it out.  Just fluff with fingers.  Then allow hair to be down and loose for the day.   

Sun-in streaked beach hair

For crazy sun streaks squeeze a bit of lemon on hair or spritz with good ole fashion Sun-In to bring out more blond highlights.  Remember to thoroughly deep condition hair after a day like this as the sun and dryness can leave hair brittle and prone to breakage.  Several passes of deep conditioner can help ameliorate the effects of the sun.  De-tangle hair like this ever so gently with fingers to avoid snapping and breakage.  Never brush beach hair when wet.  After a day at the beach work you must deep condition, then work tangles out gently with fingers. Never brush wet hair!


This picture of Marisa Miller for Victoria Swimsuit is a great example of sexy beach hair. When you think beach hair, this is what you think! If you blow dry your hair make sure to do that the night before hitting the beach. After you dry it be sure to twist it up into a pony then loop that or use a scrunchy. Sleep with your hair twisted up overnight and when you are ready to hit the beach let it down and shake loose.

For color you are going to want to stay true to your base color than add a simple weave of lighter highlights to that at the onset of summer. From there on out, let the highlights get lighter naturally in the sun and allow the roots to grow out. The idea is to make it look like it’s all the sun and that you never got help from a salon. Don’t worry about growing out the roots on this look a little bit since it’s supposed to look low-key. You want it to look like your own color but sun-streaked as opposed to a whole new color.

To get the ultimate beach hair look it is best to have it be one day old. Hair is always fuzzier and less tousled the day you wash it so you need that settled in dirty look. If you’re attempting to get beach hair and you are washing your hair that same day it is a little trickier to get the look. In this case wash and let hair dry completely. Once dry gently finger through the pieces so it looks wilder than the natural dry look. Finger fluff but whatever you do don’t use a brush because you’ll frizz it and wreck the piece-y look. The natural air dry and a little help with your fingers will give it the extra body.

Another thing to point out here is her halter top. This is one of their basic top styles at Victoria Secret. For a woman with a larger chest this works way, way better than the little triangle tops. The broad under strap and then the secure halter style will hold in a larger breast cup than their other styles. A light golden tan and natural makeup with lip balm will be compatible with the tousled beach-y hair style. She rolled out of bed beautiful, put some chap stick and your swimsuit on, tossed your hair and hit the beach in an exotic location. Victoria Secret made it look that way at least. Victoria’s Secret has really cute suits and of course the best models ever!

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