Are you ready for Swimsuit 2016? Ready, set, go! There will be a plethora of new and beautiful swimsuits dazzling the stores and catalogs soon. This adorable two piece bikini from Sea Folly is a perfect example. Notice that a black based swimsuit is always very flattering. But when black is too black, never fear, it can be spruced up with a dazzling tropical print on black.

This SeaFolly swimsuit gets it just right. You have to love their catalog photographs too. Check the top, it’s a nice structured sports bra style which means you can frolic surf and play easily in this swimsuit. The black and write detail in the sides of the bikini bottom take it from feminine to athletic. Ergo, the cool white and black athletic duffel for your beach gear.

They are sort of blasting you with sexy beach hair, lots of jewelry, and then this athletic gear. It all clashes in a wonderfully bizarre way and then it somehow works in it’s craziness. Love SeaFolly, really cute swimsuits and bold ideas in their accessories and photographs. This swimsuit is just adorable in a feminine and athletic cross crazy way. Love it!



Whether you are planning a trip to the beach, a day at the pool, or an exotic vacation, a unique tie dye bikini is sure to spice things up!  Look for hand dyed tie dye in brilliant colors on a cotton with stretch fabric.  This metallic look and stretchy spandex material bathing suit puts a modern edge on the old school classic tie dyes.

Flattering tip is to create a contrast between your bikini and skin tone

A flattering concept is to create a strong contrast between the color of your bikini or swimsuit and the color of your skin.  Usually the contrast is achieved by pairing a light, bright or neon color with dark tanned skin.  That is a hot look of course, but only if your tan is fake and not the real skin damaging kind.

Some women are so pale that they look ridiculously orange with a fake tan – it just does not look right.  If you are fair-skinned and shun the sun, you can still get the flattering contrast effect by pairing a dark color or jewel tone color bikini onto very pale white skin.  This looks just as sexy as the inverse, and is better for your skin all around.  The deep jewel toned emerald green and black fabric on this sexy swimsuit contrasts amazingly well with her light skin.

Pale natural skin color is appealing and sun damage safe

If your man doesn’t like pale skin, think again!  Men are attracted to pale skin girls as its feminine and pure looking.  Pale skin can look incredibly sexy. Just make sure to use 100 plus sunscreen on white skin because it tends to burn easily. To cut out super white skin use a gradual self-tanner cream such as Oil of Olay or Neutragena hint of color lotion. This will cut the day-glow white a bit and take white skin color darker just a notch to a natural pale shade.

Metallic tie dye looks modern and edgy

Try a sexy jewel tone or metallic tie dye against pale skin for a beautiful mermaid look.   Great photography and gorgeous girl.   I found this swimsuit available at Swimwear Outlet Store.  This is a good example of a shiny take on a tie-dye swimsuit, so use it for inspiration when swimsuit shopping.  The lace trim on the bikini bottom is adorable… love!

Tie Dye bikini



This batik tie dye bikini is great fun for the girl who wants to show off a golden tan.  Mind you, your tan should be simulated and not real!  Suntanning is way too dangerous for your skin so be sure to get a mystic tan or spray on tan rather than bake in the sun.  Wear the strongest sunscreen you can find and protect your eye area with uva uvb sunglasses like this gorgeous beauty.

Batik swimsuits flatter a tan nicely

Unfortunately I don’t have-the brand for this particular bikini however batik prints are fairly common, you can search batik on google and check out online stores that carry these styles.  The fun green color flecked with white and blue is a perfect blend for the sun, sand and sea.  This wonderful photograph shows how the colors make her look sexy while blending in and playing off the sea scape background.

Bandeau top and side ties are sexy

The bandeau top with the gathered center is a great wear for a small chested woman.  Notice that you should not wear such a suit with a large bust.  You’ll be falling out and sagging.  This is for the pert girl.  If you have assets bigger than shown here you’ll be better off wearing a top that has halter straps.

The bottoms are cute with the little string ties.  Cute accent but the string ties do tend to stretch out and get uneven.  Just double tie them and hand-wash or wash on gentle and fluff dry to prevent stretching of the string ties.  Hand wash will also help preserve the batik print and stop it from fading.  A fun, batik inspired print that shows off a nice tan marvelously. The long surfer girl inspired necklace is a cute addition to her casual, sun-kissed surfer girl look.

Batik bikini

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