saha-swimsuit If you are looking for guidance on how to buy the most flattering swimsuit for your body type you have come to the right place. Many ladies have difficulty hiding love handles in a swimsuit since anything that presses in to your side too much will actually make the love handles more noticeable.

Swimsuit that minimizes love handles

For love handles you can try a swimsuit that is made of all one color, and has some eye fetching details that distract the eyes away from the love handles. The idea is to create a good bait and switch, and to create visual balance with the other body parts. A good balance and attraction to other features is what makes the love handles go away! This electric blue swimsuit gives a perfect example of how to use distraction to minimize figure flaws. Notice the sexy one strap feature which draws attention upwards to the shoulder. Notice also, the interesting cross over detail on the top which leads the eyes up and gives a great distraction from the waist. Finally, the tiny but tasteful cutouts give the illusion of a thinner waist and beautiful hips rather than bulky hips. The overall blue color is dazzling and creates another distraction by being a vibrant yet figure slimming color. Notice also the higher heels with the fun color. This is just great for hiding love handles as looking a little taller gives a visual slimming effect. Her wavy hair also creates a good balance to the body and draws attention up. A great way to minimize love handles is to wear hair full and with body to create a balance at the top of the head. Lastly, the interesting purse is fun and creates a distraction with her quirky style.

Saha swimwear

This swimsuit is really a winner and shows how you can minimize figure flaws with color, accessories, hairstyle, and cutouts and eye-catching effects in all the right places. I give this electric blue swimsuit a perfect 10. I believe and am almost sure that this swimsuit is from Saha Swimwear but I was unable to find the purchase source for it. You can check out other styles from Saha because they always have unusual and unique details and figure flattering ideas.

Love handles



I found this adorable figure flattering swimdress at Kallone intimates online boutique. KALLONE, means ‘beauty’ in ancient Greek. Kallone strives to introduce various designer lines of mid-high end lingerie to Canada. Kallone’s online boutique caters to women of all shapes and sizes. The importance of a well-fitting swimsuit can not be underestimated as well made swimsuits address with shape-wear the pesty problem areas that women tend to have.

Miracle Suit

This Seascape Miracle Suit one piece is adorable for the woman who wants to hide a problem tummy, belly, hip area. The swimdress flows loosely over that area yet at the same time it runs slim to the body. The dazzling blue color makes this swimsuit pop yet at the same time the all one color has a nice slenderizing effect. This Seaside Miracle Suit runs for $205. You can find more at Kallone Ca.




I love this bright blue swimsuit from ASOS called the Exclusive Plunge.  This swimsuit is made from a quality stretch swim fabric.  It features a plunge v-neckline with wide set straps that hold everything up and together.  It has semi-sheer mesh inserts that add a bit of naughty gal to the look.  Finally the ruched panelling strategically flatters a plus figure.  The back is a full brief and very flattering too.  Overall, you will stun in the plus size ASOS swimwear winner.  The most amazing thing about this swimsuit is that it retails for only $42.19!

Asos Curve exclusive plunge swimsuit

If you have never heard of ASOS Curve, it is a collection of plus size clothing that ASOS puts out to compliment the fuller figure.  ASOS Curve casfully considered the treand-led styles from their main clothing line and then makes clever adjustments to the best sellers for the most flattering fit.  You can find chic skater dresses and jersey tops, rompers, pretty blouses in bold prints and ultra-feminine lace, as well as swimsuits that rock the full figure.  The ASOS Curve line is precisely cut for women of size 18 to 28.  If you haven’t checked out ASOS Curve, visit the Asos web site soon.

Asos curve

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