I found this adorable figure flattering swimdress at Kallone intimates online boutique. KALLONE, means ‘beauty’ in ancient Greek. Kallone strives to introduce various designer lines of mid-high end lingerie to Canada. Kallone’s online boutique caters to women of all shapes and sizes. The importance of a well-fitting swimsuit can not be underestimated as well made swimsuits address with shape-wear the pesty problem areas that women tend to have.

Miracle Suit

This Seascape Miracle Suit one piece is adorable for the woman who wants to hide a problem tummy, belly, hip area. The swimdress flows loosely over that area yet at the same time it runs slim to the body. The dazzling blue color makes this swimsuit pop yet at the same time the all one color has a nice slenderizing effect. This Seaside Miracle Suit runs for $205. You can find more at Kallone Ca.


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