Ladies I do have a wonderful swimsuit tip for you today. If you are the type who simply will not be caught dead in a swimsuit bottom this is for you. Personally, I know many women who limit their swimsuit wear to when they are lying in the lounge chair. They refuse to parade around in a swimsuit. Perfectly understandable. When you are insecure about your body or simply do not look good in a swimsuit anymore, it is unlikely you will wear one unless there is no other choice.

Most women know that a swimsuit with a boyshort style is one of the most modest types of swimsuits. The only problem is that boy shorts tend to be low slung, and awful looking on a woman with short legs. They cut the legs even shorter at the shorts, and can make you look heavier. They cover the bulges, but can actually give you the appearance of a long torso and short legs! Well I have a secret if you are looking for the modesty of a short, but don’t look good in a boy short style swimwear. The secret is yoga shorts!

Yoga shorts tend to be fabulous stretchy material and further more they are more slender making than a swim boy short. Usually the waste is higher (fixing the torso problem and elongating the legs) and the material is structured to form you and make you look thin. There is also more coverage. You can get a tight fitting size or a large size. Yoga shorts that are black are very slenderizing and look absolutely great with a bright colored swimsuit top that draws attention upward. Try a red or hot pink color, something dazzling. You will lose 10 pounds immediately. You can saunter to the snack stand, or for a drink and not be embarrassed or insecure about hanging out of a bikini or one piece. But you will still look beach appropriate and fit right in.

Try these fabulous yoga shorts from B Fly Active Wear online. They are super sexy and you can use them for your beach look not just for yoga. The moisture wicking fabric that works for sweat also works for the hot sun at the beach or pool. Absolutely great fit, and a perfect slenderizing alternative to the booty short swimsuit that does not give you the skinny appearance you desire!

Boy short swimsuit, try yoga shorts with a bright swim top



A really great look for swimsuit season, especially if you are too self-conscious for that itty bitty bikini, is a bare of sexy black shorts paired with a swimsuit top.  Preferably you want something lightweight that will dry quickly, so you can actually swim in it.

These small banded women’s swimsuit shorts fit the bill!  They will fit and look amazing! The sliding adjustable sides allow you to make your shorts as long or as short as you like, a great feature! You can wear them lower down on your legs or scrunch them up for a sexier fit. No matter how you wear these shorts they are guaranteed to fit amazing.  Also, they are  Fully lined.

I came across these shorts at Beach Stuff Shop.  I believe they are by UjENA brand.  Absolutely adorable I love, love the sting tie.  If you are hiding some flaws be sure to buy in one size up for a loose cozy fit.   If you’ve been working out and want to flaunt it then go tighter and scrunch shorter.  Cute store and great idea with these black shorts.  Very slenderizing and beach appropriate.

Sexy black shorts



Juniors and young women can definitely ride the waves in these tiny nylon board shorts! Only Billabong comes up with ideas this surfer girl cute. You will receive a jolt of color and good coverage with these little shorts because they have an under layer of serape printed lycra.

Board shorts are in style for women

Granted these shorts are for the younger lady, however, I think they show some great figure flattering concepts. First of all, the black little short over the longer legging short is definitely slenderizing. You look like you are wearing hot pants with the black portion, but your leg is actually covered up with the spandex under layer.


Board shorts are definitely back in style, so if you find a classic pair of black board shorts to go with your bikini, definitely buy them. The greatest thing about board shorts is that they really are swimming suits. You can look totally normal splashing in to the water in these swim trunks without ever having to take them off. Billabong has brought the classic, hip and comfortable board short back into style this year.

Wave ride shorts

The good news, is that girls with some problem areas can get away with out ever wearing bikini bottoms, but still look totally normal. Plus size skirts, skorts, boy short tankinis, wraps, and other swimsuit styles tend to “give away” the fact that you are trying to hide something about your figure. But just a basic bikini and a board short over it looks totally and completely normal and natural, while still working wonders for your figure by wriggling you out of having to actually wear the bikini bottom.

If you are shy about exposing your buttock, belly, hips or thighs a classic surfer style board short worn over your bikini will definitely hide these areas. Because a board short is actually a fast-drying swimsuit, you never have to take it off and can swim, etc, but look perfectly normal and as though you are not trying to hide anything. Classic board shorts are back in style big time, so try a pair as an alternative to a pareo, sarang, skirted swimsuit, or tankini short.

These wave ride shirts for girls retail for $50 and can be found at Billabong stores and numerous online stores retail them as well. I ran across them on Diane’s Beachwear online store.  So cute!

Classic board shorts

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