If you are the type that wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit, swimsuit season is daunting. But never fear, you can still get that beach look without necessarily wearing a bikini! You can have fun at the beach or pool without having to compete or wear something skimpy! Try a casual coverup in a neutral color to throw over your swimsuit. You can use it for walking around, getting a snack or sitting poolside. The only time you have to wear the bikini is when you are in your lounge chair, or in the pool or ocean. Perfect! This might sound funny, but many women just don’t feel comfortable in a bikini or even a one piece. That is where the beach cover up comes to save the day.

If you are in beach cover up mode, have your underlying swimsuit be as simple as possible, a once piece mallet or two peace in a neutral color. Then throw your cover up over it, and voila. You’re beach appropriate but not in a bikini. There are lots of women that aren’t keen to get in the water so if any one asks why you aren’t swimming just shrug it off and blame it on your hair. Nobody should wear what makes them self conscious. At the same time though, beach and pool time are fun. Just cover up a bit and your confidence will come back to you tenfold.

I found this inexpensive cover up on DH Gate. DH Gate has great deals on discounted apparel. All you need to know is that plenty of women just won’t wear a swimsuit, so if that is you, you are not alone :-).

Beach cover up



A bright ruffled hem enlivens the modern silhouette of this flattering tankini from Profile by Gottex. Kaleidoscope Ruffle Halter Tankini Top & Kaleidoscope Skirted Ruffle Tankini Bottom. I came across this for sale at Bloomingdales. This is a wonder for slenderizing the tummy. The black loose fabric covers up the stomach well. What is nice, is that this is a pretty look for a tankini, which often look dowdy and counterproductive to looking sexy and skinny. There are exceptions, and this is one of them. Very flattering, I love it for the modest woman who wants to look great while covering flaws to feel comfortable.

Black is always slenderizing but it can look beached whale for the larger woman since the black material is covering so much area. This swimsuit shows the fix for that! The cute detailing add a freshness to the swimsuit so you get the black coverage, but it does not look too harsh thanks to the wonderful detailing. Also, the little slit on the side slenderizing legs nicely by breaking up the skirt. It’s fun, its sexy, and it’s flattering for plus size woman.  The V-neck offers allure to the chest without overdoing it.

What’s not to like? I absolutely love Gottex and there is a reason why their swimsuits have been around for decades. The designs are carefully chosen to make real women with real figures look really incredible. Love Gottex. Carried usually by the high end department stores. Try Bloomingdale’s.

Gottex Bloomingdale’s



I love Seafolly swimwear!  Their swimsuits are well made and always fashion forward.  Their model photos are equally as amazing as they have models such as Gigi Hadid slated to model for their 2016 campaign.  Not only are the photos amazing, the swimsuits are amazingly well made.

In addition to just swimsuits, the Seafolly collection includes dresses, playsuits, kaftans, sarongs and boardshorts.  All of these are perfect coverups for your swimwear.   For your beach essentials they also carry bags, hats, shoes and towels.  You can check out the company’s direct website Seafolly, and also their swimwear is offered in various online boutiques.  If you want to see what is in fashion for swimwear this is the company to check out!


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