This sexier bustier inspired swimsuit has an abstract animal print and an adorable cutout keyhole in front.  This would be perfect for the pool with a simple hat and tote bag.  Vintage inspired swimwear rocks it!

The swimsuit is by Insight and was posted to Style Hive.  It has detachable straps, a clasp closure in back, and it is fully lined.  The front has a cute keyhole and the back has an open keyhole under the straps that extends to the scoop bottom.  You’ll need to wear sunscreen with this one or avoid the sun otherwise you’ll wind up with a keyhole tan! 

Notice the bustier inspired bandeau top replete with the vintage ribbing down the front.  This cutout bustier swimsuit is so glam, and the abstract animal print with bronze accents is feisty.  The black pinstripe down both sides of the front give a waist slimming effect.  The peek-a-boo style also enhances the bust.  An awesome selection.  The swimsuit model has the perfect cute hair style and sunglasses to complete this vintage swimsuit inspired look.


This eyelet dot Cyn & Luca tankini top would be cute for an afternoon at the pool.  The tummy coverage hides a chubby belly but at the same time the eyelet openings add sex appeal.  The ruffle halter style top is flattering too and gives enough coverage if you have ample assets.

What I liked about this tankini when I saw it on Style Hive is that it looks like it’s feminine and sexy without having that weird tankini look.  The cheesy tankini’s from cheap outlets can look really bad.  So if you’re going to do a tankini always remember you need something really, really nice because tankini’s are a tough sell.   This type of tankini would be perfect at a late afternoon poolside party where it might be a little cool to wear a skimpier number. 

You could use it to go in the jacuzzi and at the same time you could throw jeans and high heel sandals or shorts on in later on the evening and turn it into a casual but sexy night outfit.  The girl is adorable holding the sun umbrella in this bathing suit.  This outfit would be cute on a petite woman as it does emit that adorable baby-doll lingerie effect.  I love the dark haired model and her accessories, especially the sun parasol.


If you want to disguise any lumps or bumps on the lower body you should definitely try black or brown boy-shorts. Any darker color will do as it will hide cellulite by giving more coverage than a standard bikini bottom.

The trick to the right boy short is to have the waist and leg fit nicely. You don’t want to hide the bulge then be muffin top over the waist line or thunder thigh exploding out of the boy short. Look for a stretchy material that still gives a soft slenderizing line at the leg and waist top.

I am not a fan of tankini but the tankini that I think looks the best are the ones that go with a boy short. Boy short tankinis actually work well if you wear them in the right venue. They work great for biking at the beach, rollerblading, or doing any light exercise activity. If there is exercise involved a tankini works.

This tankini has to be my all time favorite since it combines the halter top and the boy short which is the best tankini style combination. The boy short in the darker color hides the bulge and this bright multi color striped halter is the cutest ever. I found this one on style hive and it’s available at net-a-porter. I just love it.

If you’re shopping for coverage then you’re probably eyeing tankini’s and halter tops. This combo works great. The halter top will hide a tummy roll as it’s loose through the waist. The brown bottoms will slenderize. If you’re biking on the beach boardwalk this outfit would be a winner all around. I love it.   The sexy model shown here are well as the photograph are hot, hot hot!

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