A bright ruffled hem enlivens the modern silhouette of this flattering tankini from Profile by Gottex. Kaleidoscope Ruffle Halter Tankini Top & Kaleidoscope Skirted Ruffle Tankini Bottom. I came across this for sale at Bloomingdales. This is a wonder for slenderizing the tummy. The black loose fabric covers up the stomach well. What is nice, is that this is a pretty look for a tankini, which often look dowdy and counterproductive to looking sexy and skinny. There are exceptions, and this is one of them. Very flattering, I love it for the modest woman who wants to look great while covering flaws to feel comfortable.

Black is always slenderizing but it can look beached whale for the larger woman since the black material is covering so much area. This swimsuit shows the fix for that! The cute detailing add a freshness to the swimsuit so you get the black coverage, but it does not look too harsh thanks to the wonderful detailing. Also, the little slit on the side slenderizing legs nicely by breaking up the skirt. It’s fun, its sexy, and it’s flattering for plus size woman.  The V-neck offers allure to the chest without overdoing it.

What’s not to like? I absolutely love Gottex and there is a reason why their swimsuits have been around for decades. The designs are carefully chosen to make real women with real figures look really incredible. Love Gottex. Carried usually by the high end department stores. Try Bloomingdale’s.

Gottex Bloomingdale’s



Here we have an adorable one piece swimsuit that hides a bigger tummy, hip stomach area. This swimsuit does a number on your tummy using two illusions.

Look skinny and control tummy tip #1, draw eyes upward

The first illusion is that there is a pop of color up at the neckline, along with the adorable key-hole. This naturally draws the eyes upward and minimizes the look of fat and cellulite on the lower body. The one-two combination of the dazzling turquoise blue tie with the peek-a-boo key hole does the trick of making the upper body be the focal point. It’s a free visual body lift that is going to minimize tummy fat and make you look thinner.

Look skinny and control tummy tip #2, darker slimming solid color

Of course the solid, darker toned color is always going to have a slimming effect. Notice the clean lines, nothing to exposed, and wedge heels matching the foot color to give her an additional look-slender lift. This swimsuit has the same slenderizing effect in back. The upper back is open but the bottom has a conservative fit and its going to help hide tummy rolls or a wider waist line. The halter tie has a long ribbon so it falls down the back and once again, that offers a free body left effect from the rear view of this swimsuit.

Couture Candy

This swimsuit is by Caffe Swimwear, they have plenty of flattering styles for women. I found it features on a cute upscale fashion site called Couture Candy. Couture Candy offers various apparel from a large marketplace of unique boutiques. It’s an adorable site that offers the products from many different eclectic boutiques all in one convenient online store.

Caffe swimsuit tie back halter one piece in black

This swimsuit is by Caffe Swimwear. It’s a bit hovering around $200 however I’ve seen Couture Candy offer deep discounts of 25% or more on this popular swimsuit. It has a colorful halter neck strap that cinches the deep v neckline and it’s an open back one piece. The bottom is full coverage and the material features tummy control. This gives a classy sophisticated look with a fun little halter tie and the result is a fashionable swimsuit that flattens the tummy quite well. She looks slim, stylish and fantastic!

Caffe Swimwear



Are you trying to hide that little tummy pouch that is either left over after you’ve had a baby, or growing in early pregnancy? You would think that wearing a dress, skirt or smock top swimsuit is the right thing. Well, it is the right thing but there is also another way out. To hide the tummy you can try this simple approach. It works well because it gives the illusion of a smaller tummy by minimization and distraction, but it does not involve the obvious look of wearing a “hide that fat” style.

Go for one color to smooth the entire picture

All one color is a great way to hide a pooch. The smoothing over all effect can minimize pooch of the tummy. It is sort of toned done and blotted out by a smooth, unfettered, all one color swimsuit style. Besides having a swimsuit that is all one color, it’s good to avoid clutter and confusion with your accessories. Just as the swimsuit is one neutral soothing tone, you will want to tone down your back, coverup and bag to create a very simple look. The clean lines will visually slim you.

Go for a darker color to visually slim body

Darker color can help smooth and hide your after baby tummy pooch. If you are big and beautiful, black can look harsh and make you look sort of like a beached whale. The black fabric, when there is a lot of it, looks too harsh. If you are smaller framed but just have only the pooch, black is fine because there is less of it to look at.

Jewel colors, the darker ones, or neutral darks, really look great on the larger woman with a tummy pooch. You can try a dark purple like this one, but it that looks to Barney-like go for a deep maroon, navy blue, emerald-green, darker gray, darker browns or tan, darker gray, or darker khaki green. All of these colors slim you as well as the black but lighten up the look at bit.

Pay for a control fabric to control bulge

Pay for a Miracle suit type fabric. This can make a big difference in controlling the pooch. Thin fabric will just go over the pooch and outline it. Control fabric actually smooths it in and down. The more expensive swimsuits are what you will need to pay for here. Make sure the Lycra is very sturdy and on the thicker side. Take care to hand wash or lay our to dry so that you don’t wreck the elasticity of the fabric and it lasts longer and controls effectively.

Draw attention elsewhere and upward on the body

If you have a gorgeous chest this is a no-brainer. Draw attention to that area because it gives you the perfect bait and switch to visually minimize the pooch. If your chest is average or smaller sized, try some ruching or details on the fabric up top that makes the eye go upward. For example this lady has a nice empire waist going on that draws focus up and minimizes the tummy This swimsuit is by Lands End and is actually advertised as a tummy control swimsuit.

Check Lands End website or catalog for other ideas. Their swimsuits are but at the same time they do cover conservatively and this is exactly what you need when concealing a pooch or excess flab lingering from pregnancy.

Lands End tummy control swimsuit

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