Here we have an adorable one piece swimsuit that hides a bigger tummy, hip stomach area. This swimsuit does a number on your tummy using two illusions.

Look skinny and control tummy tip #1, draw eyes upward

The first illusion is that there is a pop of color up at the neckline, along with the adorable key-hole. This naturally draws the eyes upward and minimizes the look of fat and cellulite on the lower body. The one-two combination of the dazzling turquoise blue tie with the peek-a-boo key hole does the trick of making the upper body be the focal point. It’s a free visual body lift that is going to minimize tummy fat and make you look thinner.

Look skinny and control tummy tip #2, darker slimming solid color

Of course the solid, darker toned color is always going to have a slimming effect. Notice the clean lines, nothing to exposed, and wedge heels matching the foot color to give her an additional look-slender lift. This swimsuit has the same slenderizing effect in back. The upper back is open but the bottom has a conservative fit and its going to help hide tummy rolls or a wider waist line. The halter tie has a long ribbon so it falls down the back and once again, that offers a free body left effect from the rear view of this swimsuit.

Couture Candy

This swimsuit is by Caffe Swimwear, they have plenty of flattering styles for women. I found it features on a cute upscale fashion site called Couture Candy. Couture Candy offers various apparel from a large marketplace of unique boutiques. It’s an adorable site that offers the products from many different eclectic boutiques all in one convenient online store.

Caffe swimsuit tie back halter one piece in black

This swimsuit is by Caffe Swimwear. It’s a bit hovering around $200 however I’ve seen Couture Candy offer deep discounts of 25% or more on this popular swimsuit. It has a colorful halter neck strap that cinches the deep v neckline and it’s an open back one piece. The bottom is full coverage and the material features tummy control. This gives a classy sophisticated look with a fun little halter tie and the result is a fashionable swimsuit that flattens the tummy quite well. She looks slim, stylish and fantastic!

Caffe Swimwear


Do you have a boyish figure without many curves?  While this swimsuit model has curves, her beautiful swimsuit shows us something important.  This is a great suit for the girl who lacks that curvy frame.  The thicker bottoms especially are going to add shape to a thin girls body and detract from a smaller bust. 

If you are very slender and lack feminine hips a skimpy bikini can actually detract from your shape making you look like an up and down stick.  To add an illusion of hourglass shape to your frame try a thicker waisted bikini bottom like this one.  Then, look for a detail cutout in the bottom like what is shown here with the front open buckle on the bikini bottoms.  Pull the bottoms up slightly more on the sides to create a scoop shape.  If you have no waist to hip curves this will give the illusion that you do.

As for the top obviously this swimsuit model is not flat chested yet none the less this is a nice top for a slender girl.  The swirling colors are going to enhance the image of your breasts even if they are relatively flat.  You can go a little open in the front as well pushing the triangles more to the outside as shown.  If you are flat chested and wear too skimpy of a top it will only accentuate a small bust.   This top will create bulk on top instead which is what you want.  This bathing suit suit would work really well on a slender girl who is lacking curves.   Love the buckle and the suit is by designer brand Caffe Swimwear.  It’s an adorable suit for a slim figured lady.


Swimsuit designer Paula Saavedra has some really incredible designs in her online boutique called Cafe Swimwear.  She take the mix and match to a whole new level.  You’ll have a bikini bottom with intricate side tie details coupled with a different color top or top with a complimentary pattern that has accents which tie together with the bikini bottom.   This designer really knows what looks good on women.

Caffe Swimwear was introduced to me when I stumbled across this gorgeous orange and tan bikini on a site called Style Hive.  Style Hive is a fashion groupie site where  you can find favorite brands, style experts and stylish people post clothing and designs from around the world that they like.  That’s how I found out about Caffe Swimwear.  When you look at bikinis all day long they can all start to look the same.  The odd yet cool color combination here along with the texture roped trim makes this a bathing suit one that really stands out.  Caffe Swimwear has very gorgeous designs indeed.

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