Metallic swimsuit fabrics seem to withstand the test of time. They come in and out of trend but these Oscar shiny suits always look twinkly on a woman regardless of what is in style at the moment. For the more mature woman, a sexy one piece style can be age appropriate yet still sexy and chic. An older figure may not be able to handle all of the exposed skin of a two piece or a bikini.

This light gold/beige metallic number from Spiegels is a figure flattering winner. Usually, belted swimsuits look awkward and too much like clothes. However with this suit the belt blends in enough and gives her a cinched middle. Very sexy. It looks like a Linda Carter or even Farrah Fawcett type look. Wonder woman!

This Speigel suit is sexy and has a youthful edge however it is conservative enough for an older more mature woman. The solid color swimsuit is going to flatter a mature figure and make the person look slim. The suit has plenty of support with padded breast cups, substantive fabric and the removable belt. The spaghetti straps are sexy but the suit is still sturdy.  Her gold hoop earrings are the perfect accessory.

This swimsuit style would look great on a stylish woman in her mid forties and older. It is a great look for the luxury resort pool or for a spa vacation. Wear it to the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, the luxury Spa like La Costa for example, or for your top of the line vacation Cruise.  You will look like a million bucks in this sophisticated style.


Do you want to take some very sexy photographs or have fun with a super glam look?  Sometimes an off the deep end bathing suit is just what it takes to make your look pop off the page.  This cutout is beyond normal, which makes it a great suit to take pictures in.  Don’t wear this one where you’ll be in direct sunlight for too long as you would get some ray of sun tan lines.  Make sure to wear sunscreen and pump up the glam for this modeling style cutout.


This picture of Eva Longoria in a swimsuit is adorable.  Clearly she has curves but this one piece is a great example of curve creation.  If you are a woman with a boyish figure lacking hourglass curves from hip to waist particularly, a two piece swimsuit can wind up making you look too bony or straight up and down. 

The way to create curves is to opt for a one piece bathing suit that has inventive cutouts.  The swimsuit she is wearing is perfect as the sides are cut out.  With the center piece in from what this swimsuit does is make the woman wearing it look like she has a curvy waistline.  Look at the string ties on the side of the bikini bottom.  Then look at the thin center piece of the swimsuit coming up her tummy.  The ties are at the outside and the thin center is at the inside creating an illusion of thinner waist and wider hips.  It really words. 

If you are very slender then a darker color swimsuit can make your frame look too slight.  Since lighter colors tend to make you look more bouncy and playful I would opt for the light color like she has on here.  If you have a slim figure and lack waistline curves then definitely consider trying on some one piece suits with sexy cutouts.  It will make you look like you have an hourglass figure even if you don’t.

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