This Diane Von Furstenberg Julisha cutout swimsuit shows how interesting criss cross straps and cutouts can make a bikini into a masterpiece.   OK so the wildly colored zebra stripe pattern is a bit outrageous.  Nevertheless, the style of this swimsuit is hot to trot!

Sexy halter straps that criss cross in back

What makes this swimsuit eye catching and stripy is the cool cross cross both in front and especially in back at the shoulders.  The fact that it looks like a one piece in front but a two piece in back is super sexy.  This will look exotically amazing on an athletic girl.  The tiny belly button peephole is a nice touch for those of you girls that are fortunate enough to have a cute belly button!

Julisha cutout



There is a new fashion trend in swimsuits for this season and that is the sexy cutout one pieces. Cutouts are in style like never before. These one piece swimsuits are looking like cool one-piece monokini hybrids. Cool cutouts and fashion features on the swimsuits make them look unique.

A little skin peeking through is super sexy

This heart cutout Lolli Swim Ziggy swimsuit shows the simple concept that unexpected skin showing through a one piece swimsuit is sexy! This is good news for anyone that is hiding figure flaws or dealing with plus size swimsuit shopping. Obviously it is way, way easier and more comfortable to wear a one piece is you are self conscious of your figure or size.

You can buy that one peice suit, but a little cutout here and there makes it sexy. Granted this sexy number needs a good body to pull off the heart cutout looks. You can’t wear this if you have a spare tire. But the fashion point is not lost! The idea is to find a one piece that reveals just a little skin in an unexpected peek-a-boo area be it at the chest, shoulders, midriff or even the back side of the swimsuit.

Lolli Swim Ziggy Stardust

If you are plus size you can look for any sort of cutout to add that zippy sex appeal. It can be a modest keyhole opening at the chest, a cutout at the midriff, or any sexy skin showing element. I fell in love with this Lolli Lolli Swim Ziggy Stardust swimsuit when I stumbled across it on a fashion web site called Pink Memo.

Cutout one piece


Do you want to take some very sexy photographs or have fun with a super glam look?  Sometimes an off the deep end bathing suit is just what it takes to make your look pop off the page.  This cutout is beyond normal, which makes it a great suit to take pictures in.  Don’t wear this one where you’ll be in direct sunlight for too long as you would get some ray of sun tan lines.  Make sure to wear sunscreen and pump up the glam for this modeling style cutout.

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