The classic swimsuit coverup, believe it or not, is a button down man’s shirt! You can find these in the men’s department at the local department store. Look for a color that matches your swimsuit in a cool and inspiring way.

Depending on how much coverage you need for your figure, that will determine the size. You can get a men’s shirt that has quite a bit of length in the back to easily hide some jiggle and marshmallow of the figure. This is a smart way to go because it conceals flaws while at the same time making you look like total girlfriend material!

Looks that men love

There’s been many a survey done about favorite things that men love and adore to see women wearing. Guess what, a man’s shirt is high up on the list! This is a great look, classic, and you can get the look anywhere. Just wash the shirt to soften it up, and roll up or cuff the sleeves. You can wear open and down, or even tie a know at the front if you like that.

Marie Claire and Elle summer days inspiration

These photos came from shoots for Elle magazine and Marie Claire featuring Tori Praver. What a great job the photographers did showing some super girl friend inspired looks that men adore. Need to hide the figure? Instead of a moo-moo or kaftan, try your guy’s closet!

Classic beach coverup



This is a link top swimsuit by Indah.  It has a reversable twist front cross back bikini top.  Make from Neoprene, this swimsuit sizzles and has a good pop against her warmer skin tone.  If you have never heard of Indah well now you have.  They feature wonderful designs and their swimsuits were recently featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Flattering accents make you stand out in a swimsuit

There are several worthy fashion points to this swimsuit, and to Indah swimwear in general.  What makes their designs stand out is that they always have the over the top special little details that make the swimsuit stand completely and totally apart from the more common place department stop styles.  These accents and details tend to add to the cost of the swimsuit but they are well worth it as they take the swimsuit from ordinary into the extraordinary zone.

We’ve got so many flattering accents on this back view of this bikini.  Look at the cute little black seam going right down the back of the bikini.  It completely accents here derriere and ties in wonderfully with the kris cross strings on the swimsuit top.  Then look at the super sexy cutouts along the sides of the waist.  That is so hot!  Swimsuit designers have taken note of this style and I’ve seen it on Indah knockoffs/look-alike suits  in the local swimsuits such as Pac Sun. 

Cut out sides bikini bottoms

A bikini bottom with more coverage but cool cutouts on the side is a great swimsuit design idea that I love because the look is extremely flattering. Designers are copying this look because it’s figure flattering.  Notice that you do have quite a bit more material to the swimsuit so it’s a far cry from a micro string bikini bottom or thong but at the same time the cutouts to the sides make it look really, really sexy.  I just purchased bikini bottoms that have similar cutouts for my daughter and it really flatters her figure well.

Now lets look at the swimsuit top.  Again, you’ve got details that literally set it apart from other swimsuits.  The cross strings in back really give a lift in the point of view.  Your eyes travel up when you see cool cross ties like this and that is giving you a free visual booty lift with no surgery required.  Also check out the different color trim on the top which adds another little visual detail.

The visual details here are just excellent which is what makes this swimsuit spectacular.  Now even if you are a plus size or could never wear a swimsuit this small, you can lift the design ideas.  When you look for a swimsuit you are going to look for cool details and touches on those ladies styles as well.  Because little visuals really make the swimsuit and they also make you look better than the lady next to you with the ordinary looking swimsuit.  It just looks like it’s fashionable and flattering.

Notice that these Indah bottoms are following the trend of moving away from the tiny string bikini for 2014 but still having a bottom that has a high lift in back.  This really exposes the buttock cheeks however and you have to be in shape for sure to pull off this look.  It does expose a lot and give the bottom a round bouncy shape to it.  If you can’t handle a bottom like this you can try either a small wrap over it, or look for one that cuts across the thighs lower but that still has interesting details such is the cutouts or cool seam. 

Indah is known for it’s vibrant color and innovative designs.  Indah is created and produced in Bali, Indonesia.  The front of this swimsuit is just as pretty as the rear, you can find it at Shop Indah.  Looks for swimwear by Indah as several find boutiques carry the brand name.  Awesome.  Indah swimwear goes that extra stop to make each swimsuit something truly amazing looking.  Inspire!

Swimsuits by Indah



Sister duo Oleema and Kalani Miller from San Clemente, California started this line inspired by growing up in bikinis around the beach and ocean. Years of modeling led them to create a unique swimsuit brand with unique strings and cutouts. Recently featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, this brand is on its way up.

The Mikoh line includes gorgeous bikinis that are seamless and free of hardware, and designer to easily mix and match with tops and bottoms to create one of a kind looks. The success of their brand led them to expand to beach cover-ups and other casual beachwear clothing.

Signature string style bikini tops and bottoms

Mikoh’s signature look includes plenty of cool strings, with excellent bikini tops having the coolest string tie backs to them, and bikini bottoms with string sides, cutouts, or long string tassels. They also sell tops, bottoms, one piece, cover ups, and surf inspired clothes.

Mikoh retail and online stores

The tops and bottoms sold on their site have soft, cotton look to them, reminds me of Brandi Melville. Very cute. You can find their bikinis at major retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Free People, Zappos, Urban outfitter, Nasty Gal, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Online there are plenty of swimsuit stores that carry Mikoh. Try Boutique to You, Shop Pop, Pool Side Style, Instyle Swimwear, or Buterflies and Bikinis. Check out their latest collection at Mikoh.

Go from boring to dazzling by searching for bikinis and swimsuits that have unique touches to them whether that be the strings, the fabric, the hardware or the colors. With all the bikini wearing women you want to stand out in the crowd. That means staying away from your average looking swimsuit and looking for that special swimsuit that makes you look amazing and catches the attention of male admirers.

Most of all, you need to feel comfortable and get enough coverage to as not to feel over exposed. Shop for unique styles and a great fit. Mix and match offers you a chance to get a unique piece on top or bottom, and then another piece that perhaps adds more coverage to a problem area.  A cool, lightweight cover-up lets you wear the sweetest styles but still get coverage over to bottom or other problem areas.

Mikoh Swimwear

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