One way to hide big thighs in a swimsuit is to wear one that has a skirt or a skort to it that literally hides the thighs.  Sometimes this looks glaringly obvious that you are trying to tent the body and hide under the skirt.

This swimsuit on the other hand, uses a smart approach to hide big thighs.  The way it accomplishes this is with the ruffles that bring volume to the top.  This swimsuit is fantastic for the woman who is much bigger on bottom than she is on the top.  By adding the ruffles and the deep v-neck this design balances out this ladies bigger waist, hips and thighs. 

The solid black color is flattering and the lower cut legs are great for a woman who is self conscious of the bikini bottom and needs good coverage there.  The v-neck top and ruffle cross over is the key to this plus size swimsuits’ success.  It’s great for slenderizing because it creates more volume on the top part of the body.  That in turn creates a more balanced look and the woman does not look as bottom heavy as she is.  The supportive top with solid straps for a larger chest are also good here.

I found this swimsuit at Macy’s.  It’s out of their own collection called INC International Concepts.  This bathing suit is called the plus size swimsuit, ruffle front solid one piece.  You can find it online or at the local Macy’s but watch out because this one is often sold out.  Very nice swimsuit.



This Kenneth Cole Reaction swimsuit from Macy’s is feminine and delicate.  It’s a halter lace ruffled one piece in a dazzling bright blue color.  While it looks like it could be a bit itchy and could give you a funky tan if the sun is scorching, there is much to love about this swimsuit.  The biggest boon to this suit is that it can make for a fabulous day to night transition.

Day to night swimwear

Something to love about this Kenneth Cole swimsuit is that the style is delicate and feminine.  This is the type of swimsuit that can easily go from day to night.  It would be great for a later afternoon pool party or gathering.  You could throw on a skirt or cute jeans and look like you are ready to go to a cocktail event.   I’m picturing a late afternoon pool party in Vegas where drinks are served poolside and the pool hangout is much like being out at the club.  People hang out at the pool into the evening and this swimsuit would be great for that type of situation.

Some men love feminine frills and this swimsuit definitely has that.  The plunging neckline and see through lace paneling through the mid section will keep men staring for sure.  This could double as a super sexy top to wear with a pair of jeans and heels.  It’s perfect for a poolside event that involves dressing up a bit.

Slenderizing solid color swimsuit

Swimsuits that are solid in color tend to be more slenderizing than multi-color designs.  This solid color blue creates a clean, fresh and polished look.  The underlying bikini bottom on this swimsuit give a woman plenty of bottom coverage.  The deep plunging neckline will be flattering for a woman with a small sized chest.  Very girly, very pretty, and the brilliant blue color is definitely eye fetching.   It’s a swimsuit your eyes get drawn to for sure.  It’s by Kenneth Cole Reaction and I found it at Macy’s online.

Kenneth Cole Reaction


Roxy Swimwear is such a popular brand with young women because of their well fitting surfer girl styles.  This Roxy swimsuit exemplifies the brand.  It’s a cute cross between a surfer girl and preppy swimsuit.  The halter striped bikini top is unique with the Roxy logo and contrast stripes.  The twisted bikini bottoms with the side tie is equally unique.

To take a boring striped theme swimsuit and turn it into something adorable and fetching is creative and fun.  That’s what the Roxy brand is all about.  The swimwear themes are basic with stripes, floral and patterns to start out with.  But Roxy designers always add something a little unique like a tie, twist, or variation.  It’s the perfect brand for fashionable high school and college women.

One design feature to point out about this particular bikini is that the top works well for a bit of a larger bust.  If you are size more like a C than an A or B, this type of halter top works will.  Notice the sturdy halter ties at the neck and the banded seam under the bust line.  The halter top handles a bit of a chest way nicer than a skimpy string tie top would.  These bikini bottoms also are good for a curvaceous figure.  The cute side tie will slenderize a curvy hip.

Notice how the offbeat striped top draws attention upward.  Any suit which naturally draws the onlooking eye upward toward the top is going to have a slenderizing effect.  Eyes move up towards the asymmetrical striping and that gives an instant body lift.  The large charmed necklace also draws eyes upward.  If you have a bit of extra fat, skin or cellulite on the hip, thigh, leg region you should use this trick.  It’s a visual illusion that can easily takes 10 pounds off a bathing suit body.  Use a bikini top with a special feature or a necklace to draw the eye upward thereby slenderizing the lower body. 

I found this particular Roxy swimsuit offered by Macy’s online.  The good thing about Macy’s is you can always find their coupons online just by google searching.  Macy’s offers deep discounts on swimwear when they have sale too, which is often.  This particular swimsuit had a coupon code for 20% off with both pieces priced at less than forty dollars.

Roxy Swimwear

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