Roxy Swimwear is such a popular brand with young women because of their well fitting surfer girl styles.  This Roxy swimsuit exemplifies the brand.  It’s a cute cross between a surfer girl and preppy swimsuit.  The halter striped bikini top is unique with the Roxy logo and contrast stripes.  The twisted bikini bottoms with the side tie is equally unique.

To take a boring striped theme swimsuit and turn it into something adorable and fetching is creative and fun.  That’s what the Roxy brand is all about.  The swimwear themes are basic with stripes, floral and patterns to start out with.  But Roxy designers always add something a little unique like a tie, twist, or variation.  It’s the perfect brand for fashionable high school and college women.

One design feature to point out about this particular bikini is that the top works well for a bit of a larger bust.  If you are size more like a C than an A or B, this type of halter top works will.  Notice the sturdy halter ties at the neck and the banded seam under the bust line.  The halter top handles a bit of a chest way nicer than a skimpy string tie top would.  These bikini bottoms also are good for a curvaceous figure.  The cute side tie will slenderize a curvy hip.

Notice how the offbeat striped top draws attention upward.  Any suit which naturally draws the onlooking eye upward toward the top is going to have a slenderizing effect.  Eyes move up towards the asymmetrical striping and that gives an instant body lift.  The large charmed necklace also draws eyes upward.  If you have a bit of extra fat, skin or cellulite on the hip, thigh, leg region you should use this trick.  It’s a visual illusion that can easily takes 10 pounds off a bathing suit body.  Use a bikini top with a special feature or a necklace to draw the eye upward thereby slenderizing the lower body. 

I found this particular Roxy swimsuit offered by Macy’s online.  The good thing about Macy’s is you can always find their coupons online just by google searching.  Macy’s offers deep discounts on swimwear when they have sale too, which is often.  This particular swimsuit had a coupon code for 20% off with both pieces priced at less than forty dollars.

Roxy Swimwear

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