Are you escaping for a winter break soon and wondering what to pack for it?  Well you better pack a swimsuit for your escape as jacuzzi’s may be part of your escapades.  Just because the winter months are approaching it doesn’t mean you won’t need a bikini.  If you are going to shop for a winter bikini these tips might help.

Winter swimsuit

Going shopping for winter swimwear can be a bit daunting.  Choose a day to shop when you are feeling good about yourself, because this makes all the difference.  If your skin is pale then a little bit of fake tan helps with your confidence too.  Before your trip try a sun safe spray on tan to get you back into the prime time summer spirit.  Before you go shopping you may want to consider investing in some beauty treatments that will make you feel even better.  Pampering can help you get ready for the body exposure.  Try waxing, hair removal, a spray tan or exercising every day for a few weeks before you hit the stores.  Three pounds down is better than three pounds up when it come to having to try on swimsuits.

Try bikinis sold as separates for a perfect winter fit

If you are going for a bikini and have a unique figure, try to buy from brands that sell separates.  While it may cost a tad more, purchasing separates is a great way to get the perfect fit.  Not everyone is the same size on top and bottom. If you are a D cup+, then you should buy brands that are designed for bigger busts.  These swimsuits are sized like bras and they ensure a better fit. 

Inversely, if you are pair shaped you can buy a smaller dainty top and then with separates get the large size bottom or a different style with ample coverage.  You can mix and match for a small but because bikinis with ruffles or frills on the top paired with plain solid bottoms give your figure a good balance.  This gives the effect of adding size to your chest, without having to wear bulky and obvious pads.

Get a cut that is flattering to your body type

Finding the right cut swimsuit is key.  You may not always want to cover your worst areas in fabric as this accentuates them.  Instead, focus on accentuating the positives because this minimizes the negatives.  For example, a higher cut bottom may be more revealing but if it gives the illusion that your bottom is smaller than it might actually work.  Finding the right fabric and cut is key. 

The cut of the leg is also really important for looking slender. Get a slightly higher cut leg if you’re on the shorter side, as this helps to add length to the legs.  You can also wear with a wedge heel sandal instead of a flat to make you appear taller.  A neutral color sandal works well for elongating the visual of the legs.

Forget what is trendy

Don’t be obsessed with following trends or buying kitschy colours and prints.  Choose what suits your colouring and skin tone the best. Darker colors are universally slimming and you can use print to disguise areas or create curves.  If a classic clean-lined mallet looks great on you, then stick to the classic.  Go for what looks amazing rather than what the latest style is.

Take advantage of being able to coverup

The weather is cooler which means you can cover up and that can be a good thing if you feel overweight.  Make sure to choose flattering cover ups.  You want to feel comfortable in the heat or colr hair so nothing too tight.  Avoid moo-moo styles that make you look like a tent as that only exaggerates your size.  Try fashion that you can wear from the beach right to bar.  Silky sweats/leggings or a t-shirt dress can be dressed up with some jewelry and high-heeled sandals.    Think versatility when packing items because you want to travel light.

Look for quality construction

Invest in a well-made bikini, because in winter you are more apt to go into heavy chlorinated jacuzzi.  You don’t want the fabric fading or stretching out on you.   If you look after a better quality and more expensive swimsuit, it will last longer,and often fit better the cheaper counterparts.   To keep your swimsuits shape, rinse off after swimming to remove salt and chlorine.  The elements can destroy Lycra so if your swimsuit is delicate you may want to wash it with a mild soap, baby shampoo or a cap full of Woolute. 

Try on various styles to find what works best

Spend some time trying on swimsuits and don’t get discouraged.  You can expect to try on 20-30 swimsuits before finding a good one.  If you are shopping online select a reputable shop with a good return policy.  Read the reviews and give yourself ample time to execute returns.  Something that looks good and has great reviews may not work when you get it home.  It can help to try on as many shapes as possible to find the perfect one for you.  Even if you plan to shop online, go try on some different styles at the local department store so that you have some idea of what styles suit your body type.  This will minimize the potential for having to ship back returns and ask for exchanges, which we all know is a headache.

Swimsuit winter style



Urban outfitters has definitely got some wave worthy bikinis and swimsuits for your adventures. Whether you’re heading to the poolside or seaside the Urban Outfitters look is a cross between hipster and retro. This crochet swimsuit is a perfect example of a cute hipster look for a younger woman.

The adorable ribbon takes this swimsuit from the seventies to 2013. So adorable, the tie really makes this crochet swimsuit stand out. This is a great illustration of how little details like a contrast tie can take an ordinary old school swimsuit and turn it into something spectacular. Always look for swimsuits that have some sort of special twang to them. It makes the swimsuit standout and it makes you look amazing.

Bracelets and sunglasses

The wrist and arm bracelets here are great accessories to this neutral color crochet swimsuit. They add a youthful hipster vibe to the look. The aviator sunglasses with the flash of color also offer a great contrast to the neutral tone swimsuit. Her hair is a perfect low-key hipster style with the cute braid. Overall, she has a hip, in style look that gives off that effortless vibe. I love this! Try the Urban Outfitters website for many more fashion ideas.

Flattering plunge v-neck for a petite bra size

One more note, flat chested women can look amazing in something like this. This swimsuit flaunts the petite cup-size and makes it into something truly hot! A deep plunging neck-line is a great way to accentuate a natural body and make it into an amazing look. If you are wearing padded bras in your bikini or one-piece you might want to re-consider the fake up-sizing. A girl who embraces what she has can look simply spectacular. It’s a matter of confidence in your beauty. A confident girl with a slender natural, non-enhanced body can pull off this chic look from Urban Outfitters. Love!

Lisa Maree crochet one-piece swimsuit



This Gottex Lattice Sweetheart Square Neck One Piece Swimsuit in Blue offers great support for a fuller figure.  The single color in dazzling indigo blue is so pretty.  What I like about this swimsuit especially is that love handles are minimized.  The cross over and gathering in of the material at the waist acts like a cinch.  Your waist-line is accentuated meanwhile the appearance of hippy love handles is diminished with this particular styling.

This swimsuit has several flattering design aspects.  For one thing, the sturdy strap and sweetheart squared off neckline is quite attractive for a larger chest.  There is plenty of coverage and support here, but her chest is still showcased and looks incredible.  Also notice the cross gathering through the waist.  This accentuates a larger chest and makes the most of it.  Hips and breast are accentuated, while the waistline is minimized in.  The result is a curvy, voluptuous looking figure.

Swimsuits that hide love handles

This Gottex swimsuit will work wonderfully to hide and downplay love handles.  By accentuating the top with the sweetheart neckline and drawing in the swimsuit across the waist with the crossed over gatherings, the hip area is minimized and smoothed.  This suit fits like a miracle and will tuck in love handles quite well.  A chubby larger figure will turn into a curvy voluptuous figure if you find a flattering fit that works such as this Gottex design.

This clean-looking Gottex swimsuit is quite attractive and will make a larger woman look voluptuous and curvy.  Gottex is such a wonderful swimsuit brand for women.  The construction of these swimsuits is top quality.  You will find Gottex designs sold in various high-end department stores such as Nordstrom, Saks and Bloomingdale’s.  It is a swimsuit label that has been around for years.

Hide love handles

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