This beach tunic is a popular coverup because it makes the body look slender, is beach appropriate, and can be worn to the beach, a swim party, or pool side.  The fabric is cool and light weight. 

I saw this cute tunic at Kayokoko Swimwear, it’s made by Beach Bunny Swimwear and available for sale at several of the finer swimsuit stores online.

A beach tunic will flatter your body

I love this tunic, it is beautiful and elegant and can be worn at the beach for a simply stunning look. All of the details including the cinched in waist line, and the sexy string ties that cross in the front, as well as the low-cut cleavage, well they all flatter the body.  At the same time, the tunic can hide a plethora of body flaws from flabby arms to a thick tummy to a jiggle bottom with a bit of jello that most of us all have.

A beach tunic will help you feel less body conscious and more comfortable

When you feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit it doesn’t mean that you can’t be seen dead at the beach or at a pool.  There are flirty and feminine cover ups such as this one that can really work to hide the body flaws and make you feel less self-conscious when walking around.  Everyone knows that self-conscious walk to the restroom or refreshment stand.  Here is where the tunic is your best friend in the world.

This Beach Bunny tunic takes its fashion inspiration from lingerie

This tunic as something refreshing going on because it take a lingerie inspired look and lets you wear it outside the bedroom!  It’s got that flirt appeal that lingerie has but it’s classy and fun and appropriate for the daylight hours.  Men will love the look of this coverup guaranteed.  Tunics are popular for a reason because they really do flatter the figure well. 

Those frumpy tunics and kaftan of yesteryear are a distant memory.  Brand designers have updated those and this Beach Bunny Swimwear garden tunic is the perfect example of the updated look of a tunic.  Love!

Beach Bunny swimwear garden tunic



Welcome to swimsuit season 2013!  Leave it to Beach Bunny Swimwear to completely re-invent the beach tunic cover up.  Gone is the frumpy kaleidoscope moo-moo and here is the luxurious and rich sexy tunic for the beach or pool.  Ultimately feminine and strategically designed to flatter the figure, Beach Bunny takes the basics and reinvents them. I ran across this great look-book photo that illustrates the new contemporary beach tunic from Beach Bunny’s collection.

Gorgeous open front tunic swimsuit coverup

This open front beach cover up is just one example of sexy Beach Bunny looks from their fashion Look-book.  Note how the soft kimono robe is open in the front and shows the swimsuit, yet the rear end of your body is comfortably covered so that any problems with the butt are nicely concealed away.  The orange in the intimate robe coordinates with the orange Beach Bunny swimsuit. 

This swimsuit will hide a big bottom, big thighs, love handles, and cellulite on the back of the legs.  You will never know that cellulute is there and can walk to the snack stand without wanting to cover your backside or hide in sweat pants.  You will be covered yet still looking beach and beautiful.

SS13 Outlaw Range is really stunning and sexy with colorful prints, lace and sequin embellishment and some jeweled accessories. Gorgeous slinky silk, sexy lace and unique cups of the new range can definitely make you shining on the coming SS13 beach.  This little sneak peek shows how Beach Bunny is coming out with a new generation of cover up that looks like silk lounging robes.  Their cover-ups are feminine and figure flattering!

Beach Bunny Swimwear


This adorable bikini has a matching crinkle short that goes with it which makes it perfect as a beach cover-up.  Sometimes you look good enough to wear a bikini, but only lying down flat on your back or tummy.  When it comes to hitting the snack stand is when you can be self conscious about what is jiggling or showing.

With a nice shorts coverup, you can throw it on and do your running around  whether it is playing on the beach or getting a bite.  The cute thing about these shorts is that they match the suit.  This is a much more attractive and coordinated look than say, a random pair of gym shorts.  Getting the bikini that looks right is half the battle.  The other half, is getting the perfect over clothes.    Almost positive this one is from Beach Bunny Swimwear store.

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