This is the classic black bikini with a modern rock and roll twist to it.  The shoulder straps and bikini bottoms are in chains!  This is a very edgy modern look which makes a basic black bikini become utterly unique and different.  If you want to apply a motorcycle girl look to your beachwear then try this one.  This swimsuit would be great for a club party on the beach, or take pictures wearing it on a friends Harley.  It’s part of Beach Bunny Swimwears 2012 bikini collection.  The model is Kate Upton.  All you need with this one is messy beach hair, red stained lips and a tan.  Be sure to wear sunscreen under the bikini bottom chains or you’ll wind up with a chain link tan.  Beach Bunny Swimwear rocks it with their style ideas!


Sexy, eye-catching lace trimmed bikinis and swimsuits are bringing boudoir to the beach.  These bikinis are inspired by lingerie that is usually reserved for the bedroom.  Gorgeous celebrities have been spotted in these sexy bikinis for the past few years now.  These lingerie inspired bikinis  give a hint of naughty to the beach look.  Lingerie-inspired bikini styles are here to stay.  This cute example of one is a  Beach Bunny swimwear design.  It’s called Lady Lace.   

To keep your lace accented swimsuit looking brand new, be sure to hand wash it in cold water.  A mean washing machine might fray the lace trim and dainty brassiere like accent ties.  If you’re really lazy, try one of those lingerie safety bags.  You can get them anywhere from Target to Nordstrom.   Wash swimsuits in the netted bag on gentle cycle using cold water then lay bikinis flat to dry.


Swimsuit designer Angela Chittenden created swimsuit designs like this lingerie and lace inspired one.  The Lady Lace design is one of the signature swimsuits for the Beach Bunny Swimwear brand line.   This same swimsuit was featured in Sports Illustrated.  Prepare to be slender to wear a lingerie inspired bikini.  The low cut waistline requires slim hips.  If you can’t make it work try to pair the top with a solid color scoop bottom.

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