Doll Swimwear has the cutest little styles for swimwear, bikinis, cover-ups and accessories.  This completely fun bikini is themed for upcoming Valentine’s day.  It is red over-lace white with red piping.  While only the slimmest of the slim could ever pull off this look, there is much to be learned.  There are style aspects to this bikini that make it flattering and you can look for the same styles in more covered suits if you don’t have the body for this one (few do).

Red accented swimsuits are sexy

What I love is the red piping.  Don’t you know that red turns heads?  Red attracts men, it’s a known fact.  It screams sex appeal.  The bright red piping on this sexy two piece is so appealing!  So, the red trim flatters for starters.   Use sexy red to your advantage ladies, you do remember those one piece suits in all red of Baywatch fame, don’t you?  Red is hot!

Dangerous bikini curves ahead with this gathered v scoop bottom

What also flatters is the bikini bottom shape.  Curvy lines such as seen with this ruched bottom can create more shape and exude playfulness.  Granted you need the perfect rump for this one, but still the scooping style is cute as all get out.  If you stick to a one piece an approximate to this would be a back with a sexy scoop out.  It’s the cute curvature at the rear of the bikini bottom that makes this one swoop sexy  and delicious.

Look for a good color contrast suit with bright trim if you want to pop out of the crowd.  Also, look for curved borders either along the derriere, lower back or even in the front.  It creates the illusion of curves.  And finally, the long cute string ties are always flattering at the sides.  Even if you get a bikini with more coverage with this one the side ties are a cute touch and diminish wider hips.

Along with her cute look, the model here has nice neutral makeup and flowing hair.  With the baby girl-ishness of this bikini, her more mature face and natural hair style go perfectly.  That way she is not too cutesy or overkill.  Try a fun swooping and curve bikini or one piece for Valentine’s day or any other day.  Too sweet for words.  The online swimwear store Doll swimwear has choice styles and they also feature clothes, accessories, hats, handbags, sarongs, jewelry and more.  Cute web site featuring apparel and bikinis, fun to check out overall.

Valentine’s day inspired red and white bikini



This fierce photograph of Solange Knowles shows that the individual stepping out and making a statement about her swimwear choices is … in! Her statement swimsuit is unique, eclectic and totally different than what you would typically see on a celebrity.

Swim suits that show your individuality are in style for summer 2013

This fashion statement is indicative of an overall trend in swimwear that is moving away from the barely there micro bikinis. Sarah Fones recently wrote about this in a New York Post article titled Buh-Bye Bikini. The point was, that the two piece bikini was not the only weapon in a fashionistas arsenal.

Celebrities like Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Rihanna, Solange and others are wearing more demure mallots on their vacations. In the article, a top designer Malia Mills credits this trend to the individual and sites such as Instagram and Pinterest that highlight unique and eclectic style choices. The thong is out, and individuality is in.

One piece swimsuit fashion trend 2013



Back in the day, Natalie Wood rocked this swimsuit in this classic picture with her cutie!  For summer 2013, the one piece swimsuit is back in style!  This particular swimsuit shows how you can have a very flattering look with decent coverage.

One piece swimsuit ala Hollywood glamour

Her chest is covered, her bottom is amply covered, and any tummy pooch or love handles she’s got are going to be covered too.  Yet notice the suit still has that sexy little string going across the back.  And, it has a very moderate but sexy little scoop back as well.  This is exactly the detail you should be looking for in a one piece.  There are places where a little string flatters and you don’t need a micro bikini to accomplish that sexy little oomph.

Plenty of coverage, with little strings for femininity

The thin dainty string ties at each side of the hip can hide a wider thigh and this illusion is most welcome.  Notice also the thinner spaghetti strap on the suit which gives it a feminine overall appeal even though it really has quite a bit of body coverage.  The little strings all tie in with the sexy string across her back.  Notice the interesting textured material which is far better than the loud and obnoxious floral prints you see with many of the plus sized styles.

Overall this suit is a winner.  If you need one piece coverage be sure to look for dainty little details like the sexy spaghetti straps, tie string in the back, and thunder thigh hiding side bow ties.  You’ll be covered but still va-voom sexy in a swimsuit such as this one. 

Ultimate swimsuit buying tip

Here is the ultimate tip ladies, don’t buy a so-so swimsuit.  Keep shopping and try on 50 swimsuits if you need to, until you find that one suit that really looks the best on you.  It’s worth the suffering because you will feel that much more confident wearing it.

One piece swimsuits back in style

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