If you are the type that wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit, swimsuit season is daunting. But never fear, you can still get that beach look without necessarily wearing a bikini! You can have fun at the beach or pool without having to compete or wear something skimpy! Try a casual coverup in a neutral color to throw over your swimsuit. You can use it for walking around, getting a snack or sitting poolside. The only time you have to wear the bikini is when you are in your lounge chair, or in the pool or ocean. Perfect! This might sound funny, but many women just don’t feel comfortable in a bikini or even a one piece. That is where the beach cover up comes to save the day.

If you are in beach cover up mode, have your underlying swimsuit be as simple as possible, a once piece mallet or two peace in a neutral color. Then throw your cover up over it, and voila. You’re beach appropriate but not in a bikini. There are lots of women that aren’t keen to get in the water so if any one asks why you aren’t swimming just shrug it off and blame it on your hair. Nobody should wear what makes them self conscious. At the same time though, beach and pool time are fun. Just cover up a bit and your confidence will come back to you tenfold.

I found this inexpensive cover up on DH Gate. DH Gate has great deals on discounted apparel. All you need to know is that plenty of women just won’t wear a swimsuit, so if that is you, you are not alone :-).

Beach cover up



Great for a beach cover-up is a loose dress. Try a neutral color contrasting with a dark black bikini underneath for the net stockings type look. It’s classy and sexy at the same time. I found this cute one shipping from China I believe, for fifteen dollars. There are so many cute items for sale on Ali Express. The seller’s moniker is HongHong’s store.

If you have the patience to shop online and wait for you item’s arrival you can have some fun ordering cool beach cover ups at ridiculously low prices. I prefer the beige color of this, over white, which would stand out too much. This one is sexy but in a subtle way. Always pile on the sunscreen since even with a cover up the sun is going to get right through to the skin underneath. This is especially true if it is sheer, netted or see through material.

Dress over swimsuit



Take note ladies, a trend with the young ones can work well as a flattering swimsuit cover up.  It hides flaws, and makes your body look curvy and feminine all at once.  This is the Brandy Melville one size fits all dress.  Now usually these adorably sweet dresses work only for the young ones.

Lightweight summer dresses from Brandy Melville

Backless, they are couples with cute strappy bra tops.  Now out on the street, you would only want to wear this dress if you are forever twenty one.  But at the beach, such a cute little dress can be an adorable cover up for a swimsuit.  Throw it on to walk across the pool area, or get from your hotel room to the pool.  These dresses are pool-side appropriate and hide flaws in the rump.  They are also free, easy, cotton and breezy so you will stay cool but be more covered.

Flirty cover up dress hides and flatters love handles and buttock

Try Brandy Melville for ideas.  Their dresses and clothes are one size fits all, and they will fit many.  However, if you are plus size one x or higher you may need to look for similar alternatives from plus size clothing retailers.  The concept works though.  A little loose dress thrown over your swimsuit not only looks great, but hides common flaws on the real end, and love handles. 

Love Brandy Melville! Their clothes are designed to fit girls of all body shapes and are quite flattering and stylish. Very popular with the teens and young ladies in recent years.

Brandy Melville

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