Great for a beach cover-up is a loose dress. Try a neutral color contrasting with a dark black bikini underneath for the net stockings type look. It’s classy and sexy at the same time. I found this cute one shipping from China I believe, for fifteen dollars. There are so many cute items for sale on Ali Express. The seller’s moniker is HongHong’s store.

If you have the patience to shop online and wait for you item’s arrival you can have some fun ordering cool beach cover ups at ridiculously low prices. I prefer the beige color of this, over white, which would stand out too much. This one is sexy but in a subtle way. Always pile on the sunscreen since even with a cover up the sun is going to get right through to the skin underneath. This is especially true if it is sheer, netted or see through material.

Dress over swimsuit



I ran across this fashion ruffles halter army print swimsuit on Ali Express. What a great swimsuit for resale priced at only 26 dollars!

This swimsuit comes in both a pink print or an army green print. It runs in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL, and even XXXL. What a winner this swimsuit is. It covers everything, from a pudgy tummy to a big bum and it makes it look great. The dress tankini top makes this look like tankini that is not a tankini, if that is even humanly possible! I can’t say enough good things about this universally flattering bikini set.

Plus size bikini set

The halter top is adorable with great support. The handkerchief style cut of this tankini top is extremely flattering too. It hides a belly and at the same time looks fun and summery. The handkerchief is higher in the middle and lower at the sides, which is totally slenderizing. It also lets the adorable boyshorts peek out. This swimsuit is really, really cute for a plus size woman that wants to hide flaws but look fresh, fun and swim appropriate. I love love love the youthful style and print.


I found this under a seller called Smile Shop on Ali Express based in China. It’s always great to check out sites like Aliexpress as it is possible to run across cool styles and great prices, if you are willing to invest the time and risk the headaches of getting a swimsuit delivered in the mail. It’s definitely a risk because you might not like the suit, but in this case, you just can’t go wrong. This style is really cute, especially because it’s a tankini with a boyshort, which is hard to look stylish in. This is very feminine and flattering.

Super plus size



I’ve seen some really cute dresses from BaBassu for sale on Ali Express.  I like their chiffon style dresses because they are perfect for a casual beach party.  This asymmetrical solid spaghetti strap dress is adorable as it is long and covers yet has an airy summer peek-a-boo look in the front with the shorter dress length.  The cool chiffon material is also appropriate for a beach party look.

If you want to hide a larger rear end, then dresses that are loose and longer in the back but have a shorter mini-dress look to the front are a good choice.  Such dresses hide the rear end nicely but still give a summer appropriate look with the shorter front length.   Women don’t realize that a chiffon flowing beach dress can be incredibly feminine and sexy, not to mention slenderizing.  The layered chiffon styling is adorable. 

If you want to really look 10 pounds thinner stick to a solid color beach dress and avoid wearing too many different colors what with the bag, towel, accessories, and swimsuit.  Keep a smooth solid colored look for the sleek slenderizing effect.

Babassu Chiffon beach party dress

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