Is your rear end flat as a board in a bathing suit?  As we age our bottoms go flat and while we don’t inspect ourselves in the mirror often the flat bottom is a problem.  It’s only when we start trying on swimsuits that we notice such flaws.  

This Cia Maritima swim bottom has a solid ruffle across the top that can really help give an illusion of a bouncy bottom where there is none.  Another tip is to sides up slightly higher than at center and you will give yourself an extra little body lift.  This solid ruffle bottom is sold as a separate at Saks and comes in several colors.  A fun summer color with a bit of punch to it will also serve as a pick me up for the flat rear.

Cia Maritima ruffle bikini


Some women have a flat or doopy buttock no matter how much exercise they do. They just can’t build up the rear. That bubbly body that looks rambunctious in a bikini is a sign of youth. Ladies that are plus size should take note that slender women have their own set of problems the most common of which is having boyish figures. This is fine when younger but as you age a slender woman can look years older than a plump one.

If you have a thin body with a flat or dropping bottom there are certain styles that can enhance the illusion of roundness and youth. This Cynababy scrunch bottom bikini has ruching up the rear seam of the bikini. The ruching, along with a curvy waist line, can make a flat rear look rounder. If you look at the cute miniature back pocket, the side elastic and the gathering at the back you will see that the effect is to lift and shape her rear.

Just because you are thin doesn’t mean that any suit will flatter you. The gorgeous Brazilions are rubbing off on us here in the U.S. and focus on the bottom is the big trend. If your bottom lies flat and lacks shape, be sure to shop for a bikini that has good elasticity in the rear with a curvy sassy style to it. Cynababy is known for their bottom shaping handmade swimsuits. Check them out for ideas.

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