If you read this blog you will know that I am not the biggest fan of tankini’s, especially the ones that have an obvious top and bottom look or wildly different colors on the top verses the bottom. This tankini, however, is an exception. It’s really a nice one.

What I like about this tankini is that it is in a dark slenderizing color, but it is not black. The navy blue is gorgeous and will definitely give you a lose 10 pounds look. What I also love, is  that the halter top has secure straps for a larger chest, and these straps also look good on broader arms and shoulders. The cute gathering at the top center makes attention go to the chest here, which lifts the eyes and allows the dark color to slenderize the lower body.

Let’s go slimming Ujena tankini

Appropriately, this is called A328T Let’s Go Slimming Tankini top plus, with the bottom sold Separately as A328B. It’s a babydoll style tankini, it ties at neck, has tummy control lining, the top sits to waist length, has a seam under bust, and the color is a matte navy Nylon/Lycra fabric. What a winner.

I’ve come across this swimsuit a few times, if you cannot find it still available on the Ujena online store, check resale sites such as Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or Sales Stores. This swimsuit goes all the way up to 2X size also. It’s really fabulous in terms of it’s color, style and fit, for plus size women. Check Ujena’s website sometimes they do have good buys and are not just limited it teeny swimsuits, believe it or not. You will look your best in this superbly slimming swimsuit.

Ujena tankini



I love Ujena swimwear as their swimsuits give off the classic California beach babe vibe.  If ever there was an American made in the USA swimsuit look it is Ujena. Their swimsuit collections include bikinis, one-piece and cover-ups. Of course all of their bikinis are just classic but you probably did not know that their one piece swimsuit collection appeals to cruise travelers and women everywhere. Try the Ujena web site to check out their latest fashion swimwear.

I recently ran across this Ujena Sheer Orchid Skinny Dip swimsuit.  While the style is incredibly simple, the cool light lavender color really makes this swimsuit sweet. It reminds me of the high cut leg swimsuits that the supermodel and Sports Illustrated girls would model back in the day.  The look is classic and clean, and always seems to stay in style. I like the simplicity of the style combined with the bright and cheery lavender color.

A little secret about this particular classic Ujena is that this swimsuit gets sheer when it is wet.   Ujena took their most popular 1PC called the Double Dip and made it sheer for this absolutely stunning combination. This 1-PC is the sexiest suit you will ever own, plus it covered the body for a large chest with thick wide straps and a sturdy Nylon/Lycra fabric.  It has a moderately plunging neckline, wide straps, scooped back, and high cut legs.  The color is a matte orchid. Nylon/Lycra.

High cut leg swimsuits make your shorter legs look longer

While this fashion of high-cut thighs is a bit old-school, I think this is still a great classic style particularly for women with shorter legs.  I remember these high-cut leg swimsuits being worn by some of the top original supermodels like Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford and K. Ireland. 

A one piece that has high cut legs really elongates shorter legs.  If you want your legs to look longer shop for a swimsuit with a high cut leg such as this one.  They have plenty more similar high cut leg styles on the Ujena web site because those designers know that this is a figure flattering look for shorter women who want to elongate their legs.

Neutral color shoes with a wedge or heel also helps elongate the leg

Also, you can look for sandals in a natural beige or skin-toned color that have a wedge heel to give you added height while staying beach appropriate.  The idea of the neutral color shoe is that it does not cut up the span from waist to toe. If you wear a dark color shoe or one that stands out it serves to make your legs shorter. A high cut leg, and beige or skin colored shoes that blend in well with the feet and have a heel will help your legs look a million miles longer.

You can check out all of the cool Ujena swimwear styles on the Ujena web site.  There you will find all of their classic one piece and bikini styles.  Other websites such as Swimwear123 feature the swimsuit as well.




Ask me to find a decent looking swimdress and I will say Ugh. Swimdresses are just so hard to find. Most look bizarre. Most look like you are seriously trying to hide something. Most look like you wonder what the heck you are wearing. Needless to say, a good swimdress is like finding a needle in a haystack.  This Ujena swimdress, is the needle in the haystack.  Found!

Babydoll inspired swimdress

This super slenderizing swimdress actually looks sexy! Leave it to Ujena USA to come up with a swim dress that is actually … sexy!  One of the reasons this swimdress succeeds is that it looks like it isen’t a swimdress. It looks more like a babydoll inspired 2 piece swimsuit. I love this! The bottoms give plenty of coverage and the top looks like a little mini-dress being used as a cover up.

The sheer netted material adds the little peekaboo look to this Ujena suit. Even though it is see through, it can cover some figure flaws lurking beneath. If you are large but relatively in shape, this little babydoll swimdress could work out quite well.

Ujena USA swimdress

This babydoll swimdress comes paired with a full coverage bottom. The advantage of the dress is that you can feel super comfortable at the pool or walking down the boardwalk window shopping. It looks like a sexy sundress or beach coverup.  If you dress up this swimdress with some accessories you will look like you are ready for the Beverly Hills pool.  If you are body self-conscious you can wear this with ease, and read a book under the warm sun without feeling isecure about your belly showing.

This swimdress would Work great for showing off maternity too! The possibilities are endless. This suit has crisscrossed straps in the back.  The swimdress top is hip length with a sheer skirt and comfortable criss cross back straps. The matching bottom is fully lined with high waist and full coverage back. The material is Nylon/Lycra. One thing to love about Ujena is that they let you select top and bottom sizes separately to create a custom fit for specific body types. Ujena swimsuits are handmade in the USA.

I actually found this swimsuit for sale on a store called LAVEshops. LAVEshops online is a collection of more than 30 online stores merchandise.  Their womens collection lets you choose a variety of sexy clothing, lingerie, corsets, shoes and swimsuits supplied by a variety of different online vendors.  LAVEshops carries some cute plus-size items that they carefully pre-select for available merchants.


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