Ladies here is the perfect swimsuit for those nasty love handles.  It works for a number of reasons.  First, a darker color is going to help slender your figure for sure.  Next, the entire area around the love handles is very clean, classic and simple lines.  Nothing noisy and it just hugs and smooths out the body in this area.

Hide love handles with clean lines and interesting features on top

Now, here is the kicker.  The deep plunging neckline goes down so far that it sort of cuts up the body and makes the upper waist look slimmer.  This gives and hourglass illusion which helps to diminish the love handles.  The little back strap across the front on top is a great way to draw attention to the top and it visually draws attention away from love handles.

All black on a heavier woman can look too dark so make sure with a black swimsuit you have some skin showing like this deep neckline has to break up the color a bit.

How to look skinny

Another little feature is the gold buckled on the halter top.  Again, this draws attention upward and away from the handles giving you a free body lift.  So if you have love handles you are going to be looking for a one piece swimsuit in a darker color that has clean and simple lines in the hip area.  Then you need some action on top by way of a deep neckline or details higher up that divert and attract the eye.

If you are too self-conscious to wear a swimsuit another idea is to try a high-waisted two piece but then wear a lightweight open kimono or cover up to hide the hip area that way.  But if you don’t want to wear a coverup, then stick with a fitted one piece.  This picture is I believe Colleen Rooney and I ran across it on entertainment site OK! in the UK. UK fashion rocks! Great site for celebrity fashion ideas.  This woman looks just gorgeous in this wonderful photograph.  Love!

Love handles



This sheer chiffon little summer beach dress is just adorable. With the long sides, plenty of skin is still exposed while at the same time covering problem areas of the stomach, buttock, love handles, upper thighs.

Bohemian Chic

When looking for a summer beach dress you are going to want to find something lightweight, that still covers the areas you want covered. Pay special attention to the color. Solid simple colors tend to match easier to the swimsuit. For a most slender look, match the dress to the swimsuit. Or, try a cool contrast to make it pop but something that still meshes well.

This dress is very simple yet the little tassel detail along the hem and the low-cut arm puts makes it stand out as unique and bohemian chic. The simple all white color and all white color string bikini gives this a modern, clean and fresh edge as well.

I came across this beach dress on a site called All for Fashion Design. The site had some cute ideas for summer outfits.  This might be from Victoria’s secret but the exact purchase source was not provided.  The neutral textured purse and bracelets compliment perfectly.

Chiffon beach dress

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