Designer swimsuit brand L*Space is a winner when it comes to swimsuit designs that seriously flatter and stand out.  This bra style top swimsuit has several wining features to take note of.

A sexy pop of neon yellow

First of all, a pure neon swimsuit can be way to overwhelming.  But this swimsuit with the neutral color block top, tones it down in a unique way.  Not the neon pops rather than takes over completely.  Imagine if this dark grey insert was hot pink – it would not look sophisticated!  They made a neon swimsuit look sleek and elegant with this gray top.

Full bottoms with cut out

These bottoms are just wonderful and here is why: they cover, but the cutout turns them super sexy. For women who want to look sexy on bottom, but cannot pull off a string bikini, these are perfect. I have seen this style bottom imitated by stores like Pacific Sun, because this is such a cute idea. Not on this girl she can certainly pull off the yellow. But note that if you have a bright color bottom, you better be pretty slim and trim down there. If not, never fear, because L*Space and other brands that copy the trademark cutout here, come in black and darker colors. A full bottom with a little cutout is the perfect way to get that sexy bikini look, while still getting more coverage that does not leave you all hanging out.

Overall this is another wonderful swimsuit from L*Space! Love. You can purchase their swimsuits directly or through many fine stores and online stores. Love L*Space! Take not of her tousled hair bun, cool shades, and youthful jewelry. An amazing look. Plus size women, you can copycat these concepts by looking for swimsuits that integrate solid colors in with neon pop, and by looking for fuller bottoms or one piece swimuits that have cool little details such as this cutout.



swimsuit-bottoms I found this adorable swimsuit listed on the web site DHgate, which is a fast trading place for cute apparel and accessories. It was advertised as Newest Green/White Summer Sexy Women Bikini Swimwear Fringe Tassel Dolly Bandeau Top and Bottom Girl Lady Swimsuit Bathing Suit. Would you believe the price for this resale was less than twenty dollars? Now, that is a good deal! I’ve seen this same swimsuit style available from L*Space swimwear in a variety of color variations and styles. I just love L*Space. If you find an L*Space swimsuit on sale and it looks good on your figure then you should definitely because they are such a popular brand that the prices stay stable. It’s hard to find L*Space on sale. They do have sales, I recently bought an L*Space bikini bottom at Val Surf for less than 20 dollars but notice that was for just one piece.

Best bikini bottoms ever! L*Space style

Here is why L*Space is so great. These designers find ways to make swimsuits look flattering without having to wear itty bitty styles. What I love here 10 times more than the top is these scoop bottoms! Look at these bottoms. These are bottoms that do give you way more coverage than a string tie bikini bottom. In the right size these bottoms are going to fit well, look great and give coverage to a variety of figure types. They you’ve got the kicker with is those cute cutouts in the bottoms. Notice it is not too much skin but just enough peekaboo to give a sexy string bikini look. I love these peek-a-boo bottoms. You should check out L*Space for a variety of swimsuit bottoms with these adorable cutouts at the hips. This style has been copied by so many swimsuit designers as will. It’s a style available in many brands now because it’s cute and the bottoms flatter while giving enough coverage to women. I’ve bought these exact bottoms in black with the cutouts and they were from Pac Sun under the Pac Sun brand name.

Cut out bikini scoop bottoms



I found a fantastic collection of swimsuit coverup ideas featured over at Handbag Outlet Stores.  Most are by L Space swimwear by Monica Wise.  Great ideas for looking slender in a swimsuit here.

Crochet beach pants

Check out this L Space swimwear by designer Monica Wise Coachella crochet beach pants!  Now this is perfect if you have a saggy or flabby bottom that you would never be caught dead out in public with.  LOL.  Don’t be shy.  Seriously, some women just are not comfortable wearing bikini bottoms in public.  If this is you, these pants are perfect for you!

The reason these crochet pants rock the beauty is that they exude beach perfection while still covering the body nicely and helping you look slender.  The material is lightweight and beach appropriate.  It’s a funky not junky look here that I love.   The lightweight sheer crochet has a natural rise drawstring waist and the wide legs fall from the hip.  The pants are full length yet they look lightweight and suitable for swimsuit season.

You can slip on these pants and match with a cute bikini or halter top.  If you feel bottom heavy, pair these pants with a summery wedge heel to become taller.  Get a neutral color wedge heel that blends with the feet and elongates the body.  Meanwhile, if you want to jump in the pool or jacuzzi just bring your towel poolside.  You can easily slip out of these crochet pants to get in the water and put them back on after getting out. 

There you go, an incredible beach look without having to totally expose the bottom part of your body.  These crochet pants are perfect for the self-conscious lady.  Notice you can pair the pants with a cool bikini top or a sexy cutout swimsuit.  The neutral color of the pants blends right in.  The gray color is going to make you look even more slender than a beige crochet pant.  These pants are just great, I give them a 10.  Paired with an adorable black L*Space by Monica Wise swimsuit with the fringe bandeau top and side cutouts.

L*Space by Monica Wise

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