I found a fantastic collection of swimsuit coverup ideas featured over at Handbag Outlet Stores.  Most are by L Space swimwear by Monica Wise.  Great ideas for looking slender in a swimsuit here.

Crochet beach pants

Check out this L Space swimwear by designer Monica Wise Coachella crochet beach pants!  Now this is perfect if you have a saggy or flabby bottom that you would never be caught dead out in public with.  LOL.  Don’t be shy.  Seriously, some women just are not comfortable wearing bikini bottoms in public.  If this is you, these pants are perfect for you!

The reason these crochet pants rock the beauty is that they exude beach perfection while still covering the body nicely and helping you look slender.  The material is lightweight and beach appropriate.  It’s a funky not junky look here that I love.   The lightweight sheer crochet has a natural rise drawstring waist and the wide legs fall from the hip.  The pants are full length yet they look lightweight and suitable for swimsuit season.

You can slip on these pants and match with a cute bikini or halter top.  If you feel bottom heavy, pair these pants with a summery wedge heel to become taller.  Get a neutral color wedge heel that blends with the feet and elongates the body.  Meanwhile, if you want to jump in the pool or jacuzzi just bring your towel poolside.  You can easily slip out of these crochet pants to get in the water and put them back on after getting out. 

There you go, an incredible beach look without having to totally expose the bottom part of your body.  These crochet pants are perfect for the self-conscious lady.  Notice you can pair the pants with a cool bikini top or a sexy cutout swimsuit.  The neutral color of the pants blends right in.  The gray color is going to make you look even more slender than a beige crochet pant.  These pants are just great, I give them a 10.  Paired with an adorable black L*Space by Monica Wise swimsuit with the fringe bandeau top and side cutouts.

L*Space by Monica Wise

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