I ran across this adorable hi low beach dress on Where to Get it, and the dress is by LuLus. Now hi low dresses are something that come in and out of style on the street.  But when it comes to the beach, these dresses are always in style.  Why? Because they are a great beachy look and work well as cover ups.

Hi Low Dress

A hi low dress flatters any figure but this is particularly flattering for a petite women because the shorter front gives a lengthened look to the legs.  Coupled with a wedge heel sandal in a neutral color this style will make you look longer legged, slimmer and taller.

This soft pink color is quite feminine and beach appropriate and her floral headband is the perfect Princess Bride match to the dress.  You can find this dress for under fifty dollars at LuLus.  It is just adorable.  Note that the longer back of the dress does wonders for concealing a bottom that you don’t want on display.  This is just a great cover up look for summer that flatters the figure and mesmerizes men all at the same time.  I ran across this dress on a site called Where to Get it, at the online dress store Lulus.




This balconette-style swimsuit features a pretty woven print and cool contrasting lace side panels. The side panels update this classic, modest style and make the woman look slender and curvy through the mid-body. The top features adjustable (also removable) straps and molded underwire cups that enhance a small chest. This swimsuit is lined and made in Nylon/spandex with suggested hand wash care.

Tory Burch petites

This swimsuit does cost quite a bit with a 300 dollar price tag, however the quality is very high on this one. As you can see the swimsuit itself is quite feminine and sweet looking. A small breasted woman will like adorable in this one, as would a petite woman. What I love about this swimsuit is that the fashionable contrasting side panel is incredibly figure flattering! Without being obvious, it visually shrinks the perception of the mid-body making it look as thin as where the darker blue design ends. Notice how it does a superb job of accentuating her fabulous waist-line.

Avenue K

I ran across this swimsuit for sale on a very cool fashion store online called Avenue K. They have a great selection of high-end designer swimsuits for sale. Avenue K is a fashion marketplace that connects independent sellers, who have set up their own online boutiques, with shoppers from all over the globe.

Visit Avenue K to purchase this Baja one-piece by Tory Burch or look for more designer styles. This swimsuit is well-designed and does an amazing job of accentuating the waistline and making it look slender, as well as enhancing a petite breast. It’s really fabulous especially for a petite lady.

Tory Burch Baja one-piece swimsuit



I found this Amore & Sorvete adorable florot swimsuit featured on a fashion review website called Designed by Wa.  The author describes her wonderful journey through Dunsborough Australia’s local clothing boutiques. Her shopping adventure started with a trendy little boutique called Milc.  

Milc is a favourite of the Australian locals because it is always jam-packed full of original clothes, accessories, and other cute gift shop treasures.  Most of the one of a kind garments and accessories in Milc reflect an Australian summer-time boho vibe through the relaxed designs and casual textiles.

Australian swimsuit designers

This summer was no different to any other time as the author describes racks and display cabinets sporting some of the trendiest Australian labels including Amore & Sorvete, Grace & Scarper and Zahir.  This adorable one of a kind Amore & Sorvete bikini is right at home in Milc. I just love the sweet pastels prints that designers, Bridgette and Kestel, used in their latest collection.

This beautiful floral print teamed with soft ruffles and feminine cuts makes for a very stunningly feminine swimsuit.  This bikini exudes a sweet and sexy look at the very same time.  What you can learn from this Amore & Sorvete swimsuit styling is that girly femininity and frills can be wonderfully sexy.  It exudes youth and playfulness. Rather than a loud neon print, a soft floral print such as this can be entirely charming.  The top is unique and can work wonderfully with a small chest or petite figure.

Amore & Sorvete

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