I love Seafolly swimwear!  Their swimsuits are well made and always fashion forward.  Their model photos are equally as amazing as they have models such as Gigi Hadid slated to model for their 2016 campaign.  Not only are the photos amazing, the swimsuits are amazingly well made.

In addition to just swimsuits, the Seafolly collection includes dresses, playsuits, kaftans, sarongs and boardshorts.  All of these are perfect coverups for your swimwear.   For your beach essentials they also carry bags, hats, shoes and towels.  You can check out the company’s direct website Seafolly, and also their swimwear is offered in various online boutiques.  If you want to see what is in fashion for swimwear this is the company to check out!




The classic swimsuit coverup, believe it or not, is a button down man’s shirt! You can find these in the men’s department at the local department store. Look for a color that matches your swimsuit in a cool and inspiring way.

Depending on how much coverage you need for your figure, that will determine the size. You can get a men’s shirt that has quite a bit of length in the back to easily hide some jiggle and marshmallow of the figure. This is a smart way to go because it conceals flaws while at the same time making you look like total girlfriend material!

Looks that men love

There’s been many a survey done about favorite things that men love and adore to see women wearing. Guess what, a man’s shirt is high up on the list! This is a great look, classic, and you can get the look anywhere. Just wash the shirt to soften it up, and roll up or cuff the sleeves. You can wear open and down, or even tie a know at the front if you like that.

Marie Claire and Elle summer days inspiration

These photos came from shoots for Elle magazine and Marie Claire featuring Tori Praver. What a great job the photographers did showing some super girl friend inspired looks that men adore. Need to hide the figure? Instead of a moo-moo or kaftan, try your guy’s closet!

Classic beach coverup



I love Agua De Coco swimwear by Liana Thomaz! This Brazilian swimwear designer showed her swimwear line for 2014 at Sao Paulo fashion week and every swimsuit had a unique batik print or something truly special about it.  This keyhole design one piece just dazzles and the unique print on this one-piece is classic Agua de Coco styling.

Agua de Coco shows tropical nature designs for Swimwear 2014

Her designs will really draw in the eye and as you can see from this photo, they mesh right into that exotic island you are visiting this winter for vacation. You’ve got swimsuits with an abstract print like this one, natural and subtle earth and tropical colors, and great cuts that enhance the body. You can guy from her website or through man resellers online that carry Agua de Coco swimsuits. You will find these designs at the high-end couture department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue.

Her fashion show opened with palm-leaf motifs in vibrant green, then moved on to tropical imagery with swimwear that blended right in.  The designs modeled included a digital print bikinis covered in bananas, a design with passion fruits and the yellow bell of the cashew tree and even swimsuits with exotic birds. Woven fabrics and three-dimensional effects made these Agua de Coco  swimsuits stand out and be Swimsuit Illustrated edition worthy.  Model Cintia Dicker shows one design here amid a nature backdrop.  Nice!

Agua de Coco

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