I ran across this swimsuit on a cute blog called Shop Girl Daily. Gabi, from the plus size fashion blog called Gabi Fresh, designed a collection of plus-size swimsuits for the online store Swimsuits For All, and her collection is definitely cute for the plus size, voluptuous girl. I particularly like this swimsuit which is called the Galaxy High Waist Bikini, it costs $68.

Bikini for voluptuous figure

This is such a fun style with the sexy cutouts at the bikini top! High waist swimsuits tend to look quite frumpy so when you come across a cute one, it definitely stands out. The girl who can pull off a high waist swimsuit is one who has a voluptuous body, but not extremely overweight. If your figure is similar to this adorable model, it’s what I am talking about. This fits great on a girl who has a great body with curves. In fact, it can make you body look even more sumptuous. If you have a great body but not necessarily a slender body, this swimsuit style could work well for you.

Be sure to check out the GabiFresh and Shop Girl Daily for their features on swimsuits. This swimsuit was on sale at Swimsuits for All, you can check out their website for this swimsuit, or similar styles. This girl has a sassy sense of style and she pulls off this swimsuit look beautifully.

Galaxy high waist bikini



The new 2013 collection Lupoline bikinis from will attract oodles of attention. If you’re looking abstract prints, and want to be a seductive, this is the brand for you this summer.  This swimwear season, the bathing suit motto is comfort, style and elegance. Lupoline swimwear is excellent choice for that summer holiday you plan to take.

Best swimwear 2013

Elegance, style and a wide range of colors will make you real queen of the beach. In the new Lupoline collection of many interesting models: push-up bras, bikini, traditional swimsuit, swimwear two-piece.  But the best part about Lupoline is that their styles are custom designed to enhance your va-voom curves.   The patterns on these swimsuit are not just random.  They are strategic and they will make the figure look slimmer and more voluptuous than it really is.

Swimsuit that makes you look curvy

Take this two piece is daringly flattering swimsuit as a slimming and curve enhancing example.  The dazzling light blue strips on this swimsuit are entirely slenderizing.  The light blue panels on top make her chest look huge.  Conversely, the light blue panels on the bottom make her bikini area look slimmed down to a more narrow V shape.  The overall effect is a tantalizing hourglass body illusion.  Just have to love it! 

There is nothing too revealing about this swimsuit but the overall effect is so sexy that I had to tone it down with a star coverup.  I give this bikini five stars.  I discovered Lupoline on a site called True Fashion Mirror.  Great review!

Lupoline Swimwear



The wrap around style swimsuit is a modern take on the classic Norma Kamali.  This Amy Childs collection black wrap around swimsuit is a perfect example of the sexy wrap around style.  It is modern, sexy and sophisticated looking.  Love! 

Look hot on the beach with this Amy Childs wrap around one piece. This wonderful swimsuit features a long tie that can be worn several ways.  You can tie the long wrap around waist and though the bikini bottom, or keep the wrap up high similar to a halter top.  You can wrap around the midriff or get creative.  I just adore!  This is sexy while meanwhile giving great coverage.

Swimsuits that make an athletic thick girl look curvy

This particular swimsuit style is very flattering for a thicker athletic body that lacks curves. If your body is a little bit of a thicker tank, but in good shape, this swimsuit can really make you look sensational. What it does is create a more curvy sensual look with the sexy long wrapping around ties. With her collection, Amy Child’s created a feminine flow that athletic girls need and will look fantastic wearing. If you are a jock or athlete its time to get curvy with this sexy swimsuit. Bring out your inner goddess!

I found this swimsuit on Lipsy in the UK.  Their store features great looks and fashion trends coming out of the UK London.  This swimsuit comes in black and is available online at By Amy Childs swimwear collection, this wrap around swimsuit is a winner.

Amy Childs collection

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