The new 2013 collection Lupoline bikinis from will attract oodles of attention. If you’re looking abstract prints, and want to be a seductive, this is the brand for you this summer.  This swimwear season, the bathing suit motto is comfort, style and elegance. Lupoline swimwear is excellent choice for that summer holiday you plan to take.

Best swimwear 2013

Elegance, style and a wide range of colors will make you real queen of the beach. In the new Lupoline collection of many interesting models: push-up bras, bikini, traditional swimsuit, swimwear two-piece.  But the best part about Lupoline is that their styles are custom designed to enhance your va-voom curves.   The patterns on these swimsuit are not just random.  They are strategic and they will make the figure look slimmer and more voluptuous than it really is.

Swimsuit that makes you look curvy

Take this two piece is daringly flattering swimsuit as a slimming and curve enhancing example.  The dazzling light blue strips on this swimsuit are entirely slenderizing.  The light blue panels on top make her chest look huge.  Conversely, the light blue panels on the bottom make her bikini area look slimmed down to a more narrow V shape.  The overall effect is a tantalizing hourglass body illusion.  Just have to love it! 

There is nothing too revealing about this swimsuit but the overall effect is so sexy that I had to tone it down with a star coverup.  I give this bikini five stars.  I discovered Lupoline on a site called True Fashion Mirror.  Great review!

Lupoline Swimwear

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