I love this Maaji port breeze kimono coverup!  Look slender and in style this coming swimsuit season with this dazzling Maaji coverup.  This coverup is featured in their new swimsuit collection for 2014 called Chimeric Wayfarer.  This collection is fantastic and no surprise because Maaji always has the best!

Kimono coverup

This Maaji port breeze kimono cover-up is the perfect accessory for wearing over your bikini or one piece swimsuit.  Wear at the beach or pool side, or in the early eventing to the jacuzzi.  When you get up and walk across the pool or beach area for refreshments you will feel sexy and comfortable with this coverup thrown over your swimsuit.  You won’t have to feel like you are on the walk of shame with everything showing.

The breeze fabric is sheer, feminine and sexy.  You will stay cool as it is a lightweight mesh.  It has an electric sweetheart waist and of course the fun and frolic mix of prints that is signature Maaji.  It has a contrast print and tie at the waist.

Round out a flat bottom

This coverup illustrates a nice trick for the woman who has a flat looking bottom.  The tie at the waist and flirty skirt fabric gives the rear end a rounding effect.  Some older women are slender but they aren’t as round, bouncy and filled out as their younger counterparts.  For a flat bottom or some loose skin a coverup like this is perfect.  The little mini skirt effect in back coupled with the tie at the waist gives shape and bounce to your bottom. 

This coverup can work equally well for the slender or plus size women. It’s a definite win for any figure type.  Love Maaji! This coverup can be purchased at Sundance Beach swimwear store online and is also available at other stores that carry Maaji such as Butter Flies and Bikinis, Kayokoko Swimwear, Swimwear World, Jewel be Mine, Bikinis Online and more.




Leave it to famed swimsuit designer Maaji to come up with the most unusual frilly and girly bikinis you will ever see. This Coral Waves two piece swimsuit from Maaji gives you a great idea as to why this designer is so well-known.  Look at the absolute detail and unique aspects of this bikinis top.  

This particular Maaji is whimsical for sure but nevertheless so sweet as can be.  A dreamy girl who loves feminine clothing will adore this swimsuit like no tomorrow. This designer really takes their swimsuits to the edge and the photography of their collections always takes you to a fantasy location and setting that is truly inspiring.


If you don’t want this much frill never fear because Maaji has it all.  They have sleeker designs with a tad less fuss no doubt, but that are no less beautiful.  I personally love this swimsuit because it is so different and so sweet looking.  You could wear this adorable top to a fair or renaissance inspired event or even at a pool party and look amazing.  This is a girly girl top that will make people literally stare at you.  I can see this swimsuit worn by a true Southern Belle for sure.  So adorable and sweet. you can buy Maaji swimsuits at most of the designer swimsuit sites, you try the stores Vida Soleil and Sun Bain as both feature popular designer swimsuit.  Gotta love this coral waves two piece swimsuit from Maaji!

Maaji 2014



This monokini is not an ordinary monokini!  If you are not sure who designs the most gorgeous monokini swimsuit let me tell you that it is definitely a swimsuitdesigner called Maaji. What I like Maaji monokinis is that it has an avant-garde couture look to it. What makes their swimsuits like this one stand out are the unique textures, edging, and the material’s shapes and patterns.

Designer swimwear just looks expensive because each garment is like a unique art master piece. An expensive high quality swimsuit will have details such as this one with the ribbed, fancy edging and string ties made with matching fabric designs.

This suit is particularly gorgeous because of the high color contrast with the dazzling purple on top of a wonderful print fabric. The top incorporates the quintessential idea of thebikini top but it is really a monokini-like one piece. The way the top is tied into a halter top style at the shoulder gives it a very sexy novel look. This exotic looking swimsuit would not be the best for serious sun tanning because of the cut-out but ladies, it is best to stay out of the sun anyways!

Wear this number at the Las Vegas pool party in the later afternoon. The dazzling colors, sexy take on the string tie top laying sideways, and the monokini twist will be sure to catch the eyes of any male that is alive, breathing and nearby.  Be prepared to get stared at if you wear this unique designers monokinis, one pieces, and bikinis.  I saw this Maaji at Swimwear 360.

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