Do you have a belly bulge that you would like to conceal in a swimsuit?  Here are a few style tips for creating the appearance of a slender tummy.  I am lacking the purchase source for this fabulous brown one piece swimsuit but will point out the great style concepts you can learn from this photograph.

Solid color swimsuit gives you a slender tummy

For a slender tummy go for a solid color in a darker tone, not necessarily black.  The all over effect will sleeken the body.  One color hides the fat and darker colors are most concealing.  For a larger body, stay away from all black and choose a deeper blue, plum, green, brown, gray, or emerald color instead.

Detract the eye to other areas which makes tummy look slender

To hide the tummy employ a tad of the bait and switch trick.  Accentuate other beautiful aspects of your body and appearance.  Try big hair, or sexy hoop earings, or a plunging halter top.  This all detracts the eyes away from the tummy and redirects attention elsewhere. The result – a slender tummy illusion.

Pay for quality tummy control fabric

A thicker, miracle type fabric will hold in the bulge much better than a thin bathing suit fabric.  This is where the tried and true brands like Gottex and Miraclesuit are winners.  The fabric is very sturdy and solid and this controls the tummy and bulge much better.  Likewise, higher quality swimsuits for women have built in bras and other aspects of support that make a woman look slender.

Look for flattering styles

Find the swimwear styles that flatter your body the best.  This requires that you invest some time into your swimsuit purchases.   Before you buy a swimsuit you should be trying on 20-30 swimsuits to see what looks best on you.  This is a frustrating process but necessary to find the styles that really suit your figure.

This photograph shows a wonderful tummy slendering swimsuit.  The belt is adorable and it smooths and conceals a tummy bulge.  The brown color is rich and luxurious but not too all black as to stand out like a sore thumb.  Finally, the plunging halter neck shows that if you accentuate other aspects of your appearance such as hair or cleavage, that your tummy will be effectively make to look slimmer.  This swimsuit is a definite winner.

Slender tummy control swimsuits


sexy-tankini This is a very sexy tankini!  I do not know who outputs this bikini but suspect that this is another sexy one from the one and only Victoria’s Secret, at least based on the photography of the photo.  I love this tankini!  This tankini has an island and surfer girl look to it with the cool hardware details and surf girl brown color.  The tankini bottoms have the classic string ties but the top is a unique take on the usually icky tankini style.  I’ve never seen a tankini that splits down the front like this one and I must say it gives a very sexy look!

This tankini hides thicker waist with love handles

Some women have a tall athletic body with nice long legs but they are built rather thick going down through the mid-section.  This can come from the way they are naturally built, or just that certain women have a tendency to carry their weight more in the midriff section.  This swimsuit is perfect for this situation as it slenderizes the waist.  It can show off nice athletic legs while meanwhile hiding a little bit of love handles through the middle of your body.

Unique twist on the tankini makes it sexy

Notice the casual beach hair, natural sun-kissed town, and toned down makeup.  Lovely!  I also like the simple wooden bracelet she is wearing as accessory.  Try Victoria Secret swimwear website as Victoria’s Secret always come up with the sexy twists on the standard bikini styles.  Getting their catalogs in the mail can be fun too as they always have wonderful photography and fun style inspirations to look at.  Victoria’s Secret is a great swimwear catalog to have around the house when you need some idle reading. 

Sexy Tankinis



This is a new sexy one piece monokini swim-suit.  It is stretch faux suede pucker-back deep plunging monokini with antique studs and center O-ring. I found it on a site called Pink Basis. Made in USA. This is a monokini look that is increasingly popular this year. It’s got the center O-ring at the belly button.

The brown suede fabric with the brass antique studs make this mono-bikini new and different looking.  This is similar to a hot jungle inspired look without the jungle print!  The brass studs and hardware make this swimsuit a standout. The model is gorgeous too! Love the tribal inspired necklace as an accessory.

Notice that the bottom bikini portion of this swimsuit cuts straight across her waist in a boy-short inspired hipster style. You better have slim hips and waist like her to pull off this look on bottom. She has a long torso and is slender through her hips and legs which is a perfect body type for this particular swimsuit style.  As with all monokinis, be sure to wear ample sunscreen so that you do not get bizarre tan lines.  Try a mystic spray on tan and cover up your skin with ample sunscreen protection at the beach.

Pink basis swimsuits

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