sexy-tankini This is a very sexy tankini!  I do not know who outputs this bikini but suspect that this is another sexy one from the one and only Victoria’s Secret, at least based on the photography of the photo.  I love this tankini!  This tankini has an island and surfer girl look to it with the cool hardware details and surf girl brown color.  The tankini bottoms have the classic string ties but the top is a unique take on the usually icky tankini style.  I’ve never seen a tankini that splits down the front like this one and I must say it gives a very sexy look!

This tankini hides thicker waist with love handles

Some women have a tall athletic body with nice long legs but they are built rather thick going down through the mid-section.  This can come from the way they are naturally built, or just that certain women have a tendency to carry their weight more in the midriff section.  This swimsuit is perfect for this situation as it slenderizes the waist.  It can show off nice athletic legs while meanwhile hiding a little bit of love handles through the middle of your body.

Unique twist on the tankini makes it sexy

Notice the casual beach hair, natural sun-kissed town, and toned down makeup.  Lovely!  I also like the simple wooden bracelet she is wearing as accessory.  Try Victoria Secret swimwear website as Victoria’s Secret always come up with the sexy twists on the standard bikini styles.  Getting their catalogs in the mail can be fun too as they always have wonderful photography and fun style inspirations to look at.  Victoria’s Secret is a great swimwear catalog to have around the house when you need some idle reading. 

Sexy Tankinis

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