I happened across these black fun sandals on the web site Doll Swimwear in the accessory section.  They are called the black cosette fringe open-toe wedge sandal shoes. 

This sandal feature a black fringe wedge, sandals, flat, and open-toe.  Now you might wonder what these shoes are doing on a swimsuit website right?  Well these sandals could be coupled with a swimsuit and casual shorts in certain summer-time event situations.

Outfit for an outdoor concert event

Have you ever heard of the famous Coachella concert held in Palm Springs every year?  Tens of thousands of people from the Los Angeles area and all over flock down to Palm Springs for this sold-out fun filled festival concert.  The concert goes on for an entire long weekend and is held outdoors.  The event features dozens of famous bands all day and night.  In the hot Palm Springs climate this is a total bikini and casual clothes combo situation.  This type of summer event is where you might match a bikini with some cool fringe sandals and jean shorts or a dress as cover up.

Brazilian inspired fringe sandals

Outdoor concert festivals in the summer time are the place where you will often see the bikins and swimsuits combined with casual street clothes.  It’s a perfect scenario for these Brazilian inspired fringe sandals.  The Brazilian sandals tend to feature high on the ankle unusual styles.  These sandals are for summer but they almost look like boots in the way they are styled.

There are situations where you need to pair that one piece bathing suit or cute bikini top with a cool outfit for an outdoor festival or event held in the hot sun.  These sandals from Doll Swimwear are right up that alley.  Paired with a black swimsuit and jean shorts, these black fringe wedges will hae you looking right at home for a summer rock concert.  These edgy sandals can be purchased at Doll Swimwear, love that site!

Swimsuit for outdoor events



Summer is here and if you are still whale white, hairy, with winter fingers and toes it’s time to put your game face on and ready for bikini season.  Better late than never!  When it comes to swimsuit season you don’t want to leave everything until the last minute and be suddenly faced with wearing a swimsuit.

To get ready for your big day, you can do a few beautifying things to up your confidence.  Consider paying for one or more of the following: a manicure, pedicure, wax, and spay tan.  Yes it does cost money to buy these things or do it yourself, but trust me you will be strutting at the pool way more confidently after some strategic bronzing, grooming and polishing.

Summer time pedicure

First things first, hit the pedicure place.  During the winter you can get away with do it yourself pedicures at home.  In the high time of summer however, it may be worth the money spent to buy yourself a beautiful brand new pedicure.  They last a few weeks therefore in the grand scheme of things your investment is not so big.  Hit the pedicure throne and get a beautiful professional pedicure.  Try a beautiful french pedicaure for a clean fresh look, or get a twinkly little accent diamond or beautiful paint color.

Spray on tan

While you are at the shop check out if they have a menu of waxing or tanning services.  An organic professionally done stray tan can really boost your confidence.  The results last about a week so the spray tan is something to do when you are about to strut yourself poolside.  A lighter color spray tan will look the most natural and give you a wonderful healthy glow.  Protect with sunscreen and you’ll be saving face without wreaking UV ray havoc on yourself.

Brazilian wax job

A Brazilian wax job may be just the thing so that when you flaunt that swimsuit you don’t have tendrils of unsightly hair peeking out from your swimsuit.  You would be surprise that a little bit of grooming that only takes an hour or two goes a long way to getting you summer read.  Invest in yourself and you will be instantly ready to conquer the beach, pool party, or resort with confidence.

Get summer ready



Are you wanting to wear some wonderful shoes with that bikini?  You needn’t go overboard and have to wear high heels that impractical for anything but a bikini modeling contest.  For a similar va-voom try a lower pair of kitten heels.  This gives the high heel feminine look without having to look like you are trying to be in a contest.

Kitten heel sandals as a swimswear accessory

Try a pair of kitten heels that are slightly lower than super high heel.  This will give you the high heel look without have to try so hard that you look out of place at the beach and can’t even walk.  High heels paired with a swimsuit works fine for a model fashion shoot however a high heel is just not practical for a real beach outing.

Kitten heels are a lower version of the high heel but they still have the feminine and dressy look to them.  This is going to make you look more feminine and dressed up than say a flip flog or clunkier platform sandal.  It’s a great look to add femininity to your summer fashion look.  The heels shown in this photograph are at the higher end of the spectrum and you still could go a little lower, especially if you are already tall.

For a glamorous summer look try adding a kitten heel sandal to your beach outfit.  You’ll look like a million bucks, but still be able to walk 🙂 Notice the delicate anklet that matches the shoe, a great touch for the fashion girl. These heeled sandals would pair wonderful with a classic back one-piece swimsuit.

Summer style

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