I happened across these black fun sandals on the web site Doll Swimwear in the accessory section.  They are called the black cosette fringe open-toe wedge sandal shoes. 

This sandal feature a black fringe wedge, sandals, flat, and open-toe.  Now you might wonder what these shoes are doing on a swimsuit website right?  Well these sandals could be coupled with a swimsuit and casual shorts in certain summer-time event situations.

Outfit for an outdoor concert event

Have you ever heard of the famous Coachella concert held in Palm Springs every year?  Tens of thousands of people from the Los Angeles area and all over flock down to Palm Springs for this sold-out fun filled festival concert.  The concert goes on for an entire long weekend and is held outdoors.  The event features dozens of famous bands all day and night.  In the hot Palm Springs climate this is a total bikini and casual clothes combo situation.  This type of summer event is where you might match a bikini with some cool fringe sandals and jean shorts or a dress as cover up.

Brazilian inspired fringe sandals

Outdoor concert festivals in the summer time are the place where you will often see the bikins and swimsuits combined with casual street clothes.  It’s a perfect scenario for these Brazilian inspired fringe sandals.  The Brazilian sandals tend to feature high on the ankle unusual styles.  These sandals are for summer but they almost look like boots in the way they are styled.

There are situations where you need to pair that one piece bathing suit or cute bikini top with a cool outfit for an outdoor festival or event held in the hot sun.  These sandals from Doll Swimwear are right up that alley.  Paired with a black swimsuit and jean shorts, these black fringe wedges will hae you looking right at home for a summer rock concert.  These edgy sandals can be purchased at Doll Swimwear, love that site!

Swimsuit for outdoor events

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