Are you trying to hide that little tummy pouch that is either left over after you’ve had a baby, or growing in early pregnancy? You would think that wearing a dress, skirt or smock top swimsuit is the right thing. Well, it is the right thing but there is also another way out. To hide the tummy you can try this simple approach. It works well because it gives the illusion of a smaller tummy by minimization and distraction, but it does not involve the obvious look of wearing a “hide that fat” style.

Go for one color to smooth the entire picture

All one color is a great way to hide a pooch. The smoothing over all effect can minimize pooch of the tummy. It is sort of toned done and blotted out by a smooth, unfettered, all one color swimsuit style. Besides having a swimsuit that is all one color, it’s good to avoid clutter and confusion with your accessories. Just as the swimsuit is one neutral soothing tone, you will want to tone down your back, coverup and bag to create a very simple look. The clean lines will visually slim you.

Go for a darker color to visually slim body

Darker color can help smooth and hide your after baby tummy pooch. If you are big and beautiful, black can look harsh and make you look sort of like a beached whale. The black fabric, when there is a lot of it, looks too harsh. If you are smaller framed but just have only the pooch, black is fine because there is less of it to look at.

Jewel colors, the darker ones, or neutral darks, really look great on the larger woman with a tummy pooch. You can try a dark purple like this one, but it that looks to Barney-like go for a deep maroon, navy blue, emerald-green, darker gray, darker browns or tan, darker gray, or darker khaki green. All of these colors slim you as well as the black but lighten up the look at bit.

Pay for a control fabric to control bulge

Pay for a Miracle suit type fabric. This can make a big difference in controlling the pooch. Thin fabric will just go over the pooch and outline it. Control fabric actually smooths it in and down. The more expensive swimsuits are what you will need to pay for here. Make sure the Lycra is very sturdy and on the thicker side. Take care to hand wash or lay our to dry so that you don’t wreck the elasticity of the fabric and it lasts longer and controls effectively.

Draw attention elsewhere and upward on the body

If you have a gorgeous chest this is a no-brainer. Draw attention to that area because it gives you the perfect bait and switch to visually minimize the pooch. If your chest is average or smaller sized, try some ruching or details on the fabric up top that makes the eye go upward. For example this lady has a nice empire waist going on that draws focus up and minimizes the tummy This swimsuit is by Lands End and is actually advertised as a tummy control swimsuit.

Check Lands End website or catalog for other ideas. Their swimsuits are but at the same time they do cover conservatively and this is exactly what you need when concealing a pooch or excess flab lingering from pregnancy.

Lands End tummy control swimsuit



I recently came upon this chic retro inspired swimsuit for tetris gaming fans.  It was featured on a blog website called If its hip it’s here.  This cute black design is sexy with colorful fun inspired geometric blocks and sexy matching leggings.

Retro swimsuit and leggings matching set

This swimsuit is put out by Black Milk Clothing of Australia.  Their fabulous leggings and swimsuits have been around for a while.  This retro game design pattern is inspired by the classic video game called Tetris.  Designed by James Lillis this swimsuit and legging set is made of Polyester/Spandex.  It was limited edition, so  is sold out and no longer made, although you can probably find this set by surfing the web for resale swimwear.

You have the legs, now get the bod. You can even swim in them. That was the logo for this cool retro gamer swimsuit set.  You’ve got to go check out the store Black Milk Clothing.  They have really cool museum like designs.  What a cool, hip store!  Black Milk Clothing company of Australia sells leggings, swimsuits, bodysuits, skirts, tops, catsuits, suspenders, jackets, gym clothes, and shorts. 

Limited edition Australian swimwear

Australia’s Black Milk Clothing features cool one of a kind designs with themes like adventure time, hogwarts, star wars, middle earth, mass effect, sesame street, corpse bride, nightmare on elm streets and gremlins LOL.  So retro.  Their prints on their one piece swimsuit malloc are literally the coolest ever!  Pretty much everything this ingenious clothing company puts out is limited edition.  Their swimsuits are modeled with platform combat boots.

Black Milk Clothing



I love Agua De Coco swimwear by Liana Thomaz! This Brazilian swimwear designer showed her swimwear line for 2014 at Sao Paulo fashion week and every swimsuit had a unique batik print or something truly special about it.  This keyhole design one piece just dazzles and the unique print on this one-piece is classic Agua de Coco styling.

Agua de Coco shows tropical nature designs for Swimwear 2014

Her designs will really draw in the eye and as you can see from this photo, they mesh right into that exotic island you are visiting this winter for vacation. You’ve got swimsuits with an abstract print like this one, natural and subtle earth and tropical colors, and great cuts that enhance the body. You can guy from her website or through man resellers online that carry Agua de Coco swimsuits. You will find these designs at the high-end couture department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue.

Her fashion show opened with palm-leaf motifs in vibrant green, then moved on to tropical imagery with swimwear that blended right in.  The designs modeled included a digital print bikinis covered in bananas, a design with passion fruits and the yellow bell of the cashew tree and even swimsuits with exotic birds. Woven fabrics and three-dimensional effects made these Agua de Coco  swimsuits stand out and be Swimsuit Illustrated edition worthy.  Model Cintia Dicker shows one design here amid a nature backdrop.  Nice!

Agua de Coco

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